Three elite female college students quit round entrepreneurial dream

now college students graduate, are not willing to go to do some of the more stable work, with the death of wages, hope to be able to change my whole life through their own efforts and the entrepreneurial environment, entrepreneurial ideas should be advocated.


2 years of work, but not what happiness, although the work is really good, but I feel no challenge, should take advantage of youth to do something. " so Cheng Sihui spent all his savings, will be devoted to the party and meow Trading Co. ltd.. " I am determined to build their own brand, the name and other people’s home is not the same, at least the first gun had to start, so that we feel different. So, in August 2014 " " " party came into being, meow; just look at the name of the trace of young vigor. " I itself is a love to eat snacks chowhound. Moreover, in modern society, the pace of life is fast, the pressure is great, eating snacks can alleviate physical and mental fatigue, bring pleasure and enjoyment.

the long road of entrepreneurship, lengnuanzizhi. In April 2015 she officially launched the party, start at the beginning, everything is a new beginning, no certain experience, all is the need to slowly move forward step by step, three girls are facing a series of tangle and worry: how does it work? How to propaganda? How to improve their business turnover? Was a people the opposition, they will feel before the hard work in the future to take a joke cast to waste, but, fortunately, they did not give up.

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