Pedicure shop business is not good reason

sometimes, you go to a foot shop that you used to know, but find it closed. This lets a person can not help but reflect, why this foot shop business is not good? In the end is not enough to do? Let’s analyze a case.

2004 in July, we went to on a trip to Nantong, a local friend invited him to the Museum of "feel", and he also asked us to give the staff. We drove to the seven finger outside the hall, a large window, door signs conspicuous, rockery water, melodious piano, as if all of a sudden in the picture, we not only praise a dark. The work of a few guys really good, we have a tired into a relaxed.

side foot, while a friend opened the chatterbox: "as you can see, we have this foot store facade, the decoration is not bad, I don’t say these guys way, you are keenly aware of. But the business is bad. So you must be a relief!"

can do some advertising? Friends began to pour bitterness: the shop has been open for six months, has been in a loss, and now put into advertising, return is hard to say, but there is no enough money.

have launched what promotional activities? Friends said: to engage in, but have not found a good way, do you have any ideas? We’re stupid again! However, through the exchange, we learned that there are nearly 20 employees, a lot of redundant staff, but also a strong cohesion of staff, if there is a foot shop business investment program is not a problem.

we redesigned the five services, ideas came out, we quickly design new promotional materials, and the operation idea, send to friends, see below Liu Jun’s execution.

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