Shop to do business often account

now has many bosses or part-time business please help, or open a branch hired a new employee, a busy career, for a long time, the shop is completely a "one" state, until the real calculation found many problems. Therefore, the shop to do business, it is often need to account, so you can make the business more prosperous shop.

rainy weather, the store did not come to a few customers a day. In the evening, I went to shut the door, going home to cook, my friend Ji Zhengxiang called: "haven’t get together, tonight we go to the two" Chen Po "boiled fish!" Ji Zhengxiang is my neighbours for years, and my peers, there is a small scale tobacco grocery store him in the east of the county seat of the sun near the mall. Our relationship has been good, every year we will have two families together to eat a meal. But now this is not a year, the boss asked to get together, maybe something. As I expected, a cup of wine, season the boss opened the chatterbox.


season owner of a shop located in the town of the downtown area, traffic, shop business these years he made smooth. Two years ago, the boss season also invested eighty thousand yuan in the vicinity of the County Development Zone opened a new branch, the beginning, the boss and his wife to take care of their season in a store, a year ago, the boss’s wife season home children, the new season nobody care, the boss hired a Zhang a young guy guarding the store.

stores and shops are three or four miles apart, at the end of the day, the boss will look at Zhang Ji sent sales log, log from the sales point of view, new business and not much time wife Shou shop, this guy seems to work very seriously, the books also remember clearly understand the boss at the time of the season, Zhang quite satisfied the.

two months ago, Zhang suddenly said his mother was seriously ill need someone to take care of, to the boss put forward the resignation of the season, so the reason for the season boss can not refuse. Zhang walked very anxious, temporarily unable to find the right person, the boss had to let his wife back to the store. Before long, the landlord to find, to his new store rent from thirty-five thousand yuan per year rose to $seventy thousand.

Business is not good to do now the cigarette and liquor vendor

, my child is too small, the wife cannot keep a long-term store, your personal energy is limited, to maintain two of store operations, to recruit a staff, but now young people are willing to run the city, find practical Shou shop the clerk is not easy, most people like Zhang, just some skilled business on the leg to go quit.

After much deliberation,

decided to transfer the new store. Prior to the transfer, the boss had a quarterly inventory. In the past, the boss and his wife shop for seven or eight years, the store has never been inventory, this time the new store reconciliation

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