first_imgShare:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window) Photo: Red CrossWASHGINTON – In response to an urgent need for blood donors, the Food and Drug Administration is changing donation guidelines effective immediately.The changes should make it possible for many more people to give blood than before.The FDA is loosening guidelines put in place during the h-i-v epidemic that prevented many gay men from donating blood.Until now, male donors would have been deferred to wait for a year after having sex with another man. Now there is only a three-month waiting period. The same shorter period applies to donors who have had tattoos or piercings.It also applies for people who have traveled to countries where there is exposure to malaria, the waiting period has also been reduced.Until now people who spent time in European countries or military bases where there was a risk mad cow disease had to wait.Now, the waiting period for those potential blood donors has been eliminated.The American Red Cross says they have imposed safety practices to protect donors when they give blood.The FDA says Coronavirus is a respiratory illness and it is not believed to be transmitted by blood.last_img read more

first_img Related Shows View Comments Texas native Carmen Cusack’s revisiting her southern roots in Bright Star. The seasoned theater vet makes her long-awaited Broadway debut in the Steve Martin and Edie Brickell musical, and she and her castmates stopped by The Tonight Show to celebrate. Take a look below of their performance of the number “Sun’s Gonna Shine.” Not to be upstaged, Martin also made an appearance and performed a number…about not wanting to make an appearance. He eventually sucked it up and chatted with Brickell and Fallon. In the interview, Martin reveals the sage advice he received from the late Mike Nichols: “Never go to the birthday party of someone who’s written a musical…because they’ll play you every song that was cut from the show.” So if you want more Bright Star head to the Cort Theatre. Or Steve Martin’s house. His birthday is August 14. Bright Starcenter_img Steve Martin Show Closed This production ended its run on June 26, 2016last_img read more

first_imgUniversity of Georgia President Jere W. Morehead and Agriculture Commissioner of Georgia Gary Black were part of an annual farm tour that visited southeast Georgia on Wednesday, Oct. 2 to learn about the diverse makeup of the state’s agricultural industry.UGA’s College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Dean Sam Pardue, Vice President for Government Relations Toby Carr and members of the Georgia General Assembly also participated. The group visited farms and agricultural businesses to learn about various crops such as citrus, cotton, peanuts and poultry — all of which contribute to agriculture being the No. 1 industry in the state.The state legislators included Sen. Jack Hill, Sen. John Wilkinson, Rep. Terry England and Rep. Tom McCall.“It is inspiring to see the many ways UGA faculty and staff help Georgia’s farmers, whether through groundbreaking research or expertise shared by our county Extension agents,” Morehead said. “To see the great impact up close is very impressive.”The 2019 farm tour marked the seventh year that Morehead has visited farms and connected with the state’s agricultural leaders. In an effort to fully understand the different challenges that Georgia’s producers face, the farm tour visits a different area of the state every year.“To understand Georgia agriculture is to grasp the importance of its diversity in this state. When we start thinking about the farm tour and what part of the state we want to visit, we make an effort to travel to the different regions of Georgia. In doing so, we see something different each time,” Pardue said. “Last year it was pecans in southwest Georgia, this year it was citrus and poultry.”The tour started at Franklin Citrus in Statesboro, Georgia. It is the largest citrus producer in Georgia and specializes in growing satsuma oranges. Satsumas are the most popular citrus grown in the state. Under the guidance of Jake Price, UGA Extension coordinator in Lowndes County, the expansion of Georgia’s citrus production started in 2013. As many as 70,000 trees were added this year.The tour also traveled to Cromley Farms and Bulloch Gin in Brooklet, Georgia, to learn about cotton and peanut production. Georgia is one of the nation’s largest cotton producers, with 1.4 million acres planted this year, marking the third-highest planted acreage of the past decade. Georgia is the No. 1 producer of peanuts in the U.S. Georgia’s growers produce more than 45% of the nation’s crop, and 95% of Georgia peanuts are varieties developed by UGA.The group visited Claxton Poultry in Sylvania, Georgia, to conclude the tour. The family-owned business sells 300 million pounds of chicken to restaurants across the country, according to its website, and is a big reason that poultry is the state’s largest commodity group.“We are proud that we can continue these farm tours because they showcase the impact agriculture has on this state, while strengthening the relationship our farming community has with those who support it,” Black said.To learn more about UGA’s College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, see read more

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York By Nicholas SemelakMusician, lead vocalist and aspiring artist, Jason Lubrano has more than 20 years of involvement in Long Island’s music scene and now this punk rock veteran leads the up-and-coming band Iron Chic. Upon returning from the band’s first Australian tour, Lubrano discussed his involvement and progression of the local music scene, Iron Chic, his side projects and his new endeavors with his artwork.Long Island Press: Regarding Long Island and its music scene, you’ve been involved for quite some time now and in different projects. The Devil Himself, Small Arms Dealer and now Iron Chic. Has the scene changed since you’ve been involved? What was it like when you first became involved?Jason Lubrano: In some ways it has and in some ways it hasn’t. There definitely an ebb and flow to things as time goes on with periods where interest and participation are really high and times when it seems like it’s completely dead. I’m sure there’s plenty going on that I’m not even aware of. When I first got involved I was around 15 or 16 and it was a lot of backyard shows, youth council shows at Cedar Beach and VFW halls. The landscape has changed a bit for us, having the opportunity to play bigger venues and being able to tour but I would imagine for a band starting out now it’s fairly similar.LIP: Obviously there was a big transition for everyone in music due to the “digital revolution.” Did you find this to impact the scene?JL: I’m no expert but if it did I’d say it probably helped in the sense of people being exposed to music more easily and giving bands more of a level playing field when it comes to getting their music out there.LIP: Are there any memorable moments of growing up with the Long Island music scene?JL: The first Long Island punk show I went to was The Warped Weeble-Wobbles at a church in Manhasset. The first show I ever played was in a backyard and I saw Fugazi at the PWAC. I don’t don’t like to use the word blessed but for lack of a better word I feel blessed to have been able to grow up when I did and be a part of punk on Long Island at that time.LIP: You recently embarked on a tour in Australia. Was this your first time over there? How was the turnout and any culture shock?JL: This was our first time there, yes. For the most part turnouts were great. There’s always a weird show here or there, which are usually still a lot of fun. We played the Weekender and I Love Life fests with some great bands and some really great crowds. There’s was actually very little culture shock to me aside from the weird animals. Australia felt more like America than it felt like the UK, which I found a little surprising.LIP: I believe you tour in Europe pretty constantly and get good turnouts for shows there. Does the label help out with that or something else?JL: Some of the best shows we have ever played have been in Europe. Our friend, Jan, who runs Yo-Yo records in Germany, brings us over, books the shows, drives and tour manages for us.LIP: If I’m not mistaken, you write the lyrics for Iron Chic, but also get to do some artwork as well. Has Iron Chic allowed you to do more with your art?JL: I do. The band has definitely given me a platform to share my art and given me an opportunity to do artwork for other bands. I just recently started selling prints and t-shirts of my own designs so hopefully it will help me sell some of those too. righteousindignationli.comLIP: Do you have any other side projects going on? I’ve seen Go White Bronco and it is really quality material. Anything planned with them?JL: Gordon [Lafler, Iron Chic’s drummer], Dumps [A.K.A. Mike Bruno, the band’s bassist] and myself have another band called Wax Phantom, which is kind of on again/off again and currently in a state of hibernation. Go White Bronco recorded a few songs pretty recently but it’s unsure what the eventual fate of that will be. For the time being most of my focus is on Iron Chic.LIP: How was Iron Chic formed?JL: Phil started playing drums for Small Arms Dealer towards the end of that band. We kind of sensed that things were coming to a close so we got to talking and decided to try and start something new with the intention of trying to eventually become a full time band. We rounded up a few people and things started to fall into place from there. We’ve had a few line up changes since then for various reasons and we’re still not quite a full time band but we’re still working on making that happen.LIP: Future releases for Iron Chic? Is there anything you guys are trying to do specifically with the band? Why do you think Iron Chic has been so successful?JL: We are currently working on writing a new full-length record with plans to have it out by spring. Our only real goal, aside from having fun, is to try and make Iron Chic a full-time thing, which we’ve been slowly and steadily working towards. And each tour and record that we release brings us a little closer to that goal. Whatever success we’ve had I’d guess is probably a result of just trying to be as honest as we can. People seem to be able to relate to the way we communicate our experiences and as long as they keep wanting to sing along I’ll be happy.last_img read more

first_imgNikola Tesla, Rimac cars, Greyp electric bicycles, Nikola Tesla EV Rally, ecology… instead of building and covering the whole of Croatia, especially tourist destinations, with electric charging stations and branding the “Green Electric Highway” with charging stations as pointed out by Igor Kolovrat, organizer of the unique Nikola Tesla Rally, who created the most beautiful and quietest rally in the world by gathering over 60 Tesla vehicles in one place, we still don’t see the potential in this whole electric story.Instead of being the first in Europe, we are still inert, honoring some exceptions such as the island of Rab. This year, charging stations for electric cars and bicycles have been set up on the island of Rab, four of them to be precise. Electric bicycle chargers have been installed at two locations, at the sports hall “PC Mali Palit” (as well as one charging station for electric vehicles) and at the Hostel “Rab” in the center of Rab, while in the center of Rab near the hotel Arbiana two Tesla EV supercharge.Admittedly, it is still too small and too slow, but every step forward should be praised, including this one on the example of the island of Rab.By the way, the only real infrastructure for fast charging is Tesla’s, in the form of Tesla Superchargers, of which there are currently six chargers in Croatia. Soon more cities should get Tesla Superchargers, and Tesla in Croatia has more than a hundred Destination Chargers that are slightly weaker.Too little and too slow. Again, we give the opportunity for someone else who will be faster and more skilful to take the title of “Earth of Electricity”, but when the world does not connect Croatia with a tie, pen, parachute, or even Tesla, then we should not be too surprised when we talk about “Green electric highway”.By the way, eighty-five percent of tourists come to Croatia by car, and the number of electric vehicles in the world last year increased by 54%, to about 3,1 million. Someone should turn on a light and connect two and two. Electric vehicles are not a trend, but the present and the future. It’s all up to us, is it time for me to finally be first in something?We have to respect ourselves, and if we don’t fight on our own in a competitive market, surely no one else will help us but just applaud and exploit our inertia.last_img read more

first_imgSpecial recognition for 10 leading accommodation facilities in the world was given to three Croatian ones in the following categories: “Champion’s Breakfast” – apartments villa “Harmonie” Crikvenica, “Best Host” – holiday house “Ankora” Skradin, and “Warmest Welcome” – Aparthotel Bellevue Trogir Preferred types of accommodation Guesthouse Aljmaš What does the vice president of say? In Croatia, the award was given to 34.027 facilities of all types with a total average rating of 9,0, which, along with New Zealand, which carries the same average rating, is the highest average guest rating in the world. Split is in third place just after Rome and Saint Petersburg, Zadar is in 16th and Dubrovnik in 20th. According to the number of awards received, in 2018 Croatia was on the 6th place in the world list. Hotel Kompas Dubrovnik Croatian hosts among the top 10 in the world 2018. Croatian hosts 6th in the world! “Regardless of the type, size or location of the accommodation facility, we have noticed with our guests that they truly appreciate the element of human warmth during their trip, whether it is extra attention to detail or a truly individualized approach to the service.”Said Olivier Grémillon, vice president. “With these awards we celebrate and think of all the great accommodation providers who create special travel experiences for our guests every day.” When it comes to the most hospitable types of accommodation, travelers from Croatia prefer the experience of staying in hotels, holiday homes, apartments and villas. For the second year in a row, apartments are the most awarded type of accommodation and make up more than a third (36%) of awarded facilities in the world in 2018. In fact, while hotels are the second most awarded type of accommodation, almost three quarters (73%) of all awarded facilities are houses, apartments and other unique accommodation facilities, including boats, iglue, accommodation with the host and the country house. Also for the second year in a row, in 2018, four of the five most awarded types of accommodation belong to accommodation options: Apartments (269.649), hotels (148.913), private accommodation (78.574), bed and breakfasts (66.697) and cottages (56.303). NO # 2 / SMALL SCHOOL ON CONTEMPORARY TOURISM TRENDS: USA AND EU SUPPORT DIGITAL ECONOMY DESPITE TRADE CONFLICTS In 2015, as part of the annual Guest Review Award, guests evaluated 280.000 accommodation facilities in 196 countries around the world. In Croatia, 9.310 hosts received this award with an average score of 8,9 out of 10. Based on the share of facilities that won the award in 2018, is discovering for the first time the most hospitable places in the world according to traveler reviews. Austria, the Czech Republic, Poland, New Zealand, Taiwan, Romania, Hungary, Ireland, Serbia and Greece are the most hospitable countries with the highest percentage of awarded facilities. ‘Guest Review 2016’ NO1 # SMALL SCHOOL ON CONTEMPORARY TRENDS IN TOURISM: WORLD TRENDS IN FAMILY, “PRIVATE” ACCOMMODATION The most hospitable destinations in Croatia are Slunj, Korenica, Plitvice Lakes, Otočac, Rakovica, Skradin, Osijek, Zagreb, Split, Rovinj. This is especially important for 72% of travelers from Croatia who say that friendly and interesting locals are one of the most important factors when choosing a destination for their next trip. Related news: The best hosts in the world Nirvana Apartments and Rooms According to the above, it is evident that Croatian family accommodation is among the highest quality in the world and that it follows demand trends. In the seventh edition of this annual award, 759.845 facilities in a total of 219 countries and territories receive the award, with the countries with the most awards being Italy (106.513), Spain (46.646), France (45.286), Germany (36.042), and the United States (35.626). , Croatia (34.027), the United Kingdom (31.206), the Russian Federation (26.729), Poland (26.572) and Brazil (24.477). The trend continues in 2019… The most hospitable places “The best family accommodation” in 2018.  The highest average grade for Croatian hosts To be continued… In Croatia, 12.219 facilities of all types received an award with an average guest rating of 8.9. As many as 31 facilities received the highest 10 points, which proves the efforts of the hosts who want to provide their guests with an unforgettable vacation. The ‘Guest Review 2016’ award is based on more than 110 million user ratings covering 355.535 facilities in 205 countries each year. Traveler ratings brought the most awards to Italy (18.037), the United Kingdom (16.514), Austria (12.659), Greece (12.439), Croatia (12.219) and Poland (10.399). Author: Nedo Pinezić, / Cover photo: Of course, it is the hosts who understand their role as an obligation to entertain the guest in the manner of a best friend. OTA platforms such as, Airbnb and the like have a great deal of credit for improving family accommodation in Croatia. Much larger than domestic institutions that should be more engaged on this issue. Finally, it is unfortunate that in the world Croatian hosts enjoy praise and in Croatia insults. This does not go to the credit of those who make unfounded assessments and accidentally or intentionally spread an ugly image of Croatian hosts of family accommodation. Prima Luxury Rooms The continuing interest of travelers to experience a diverse range of unique stays can also be seen in the results of a recent survey by among 21.500 travelers from 29 countries, including 500 respondents from Croatia, who emphasizes that in 2019 almost half of travelers from Croatia (45% ) preferred to stay in private accommodation (holiday home or apartment) than in a hotel. In addition, more than a quarter of travelers from Croatia (27%) say they would consider adding their home to the accommodation booking page during the next year accommodation booking page. With 33% of travelers from Croatia who also want to stay in 2019 in a type of accommodation that they have never tried before, consumer demand in this segment still remains high. Guesthouse Baricalast_img read more

first_imgMikel Arteta heaps praise on David Luiz after training for one day before Community Shield win Comment Advertisement Coral BarrySaturday 29 Aug 2020 9:44 pmShare this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via messengerShare this with Share this article via emailShare this article via flipboardCopy link18.9kShares Advertisement Arsenal beat Liverpool to win the Community Shield (Picture: Getty)Mikel Arteta was full of praise for David Luiz after revealing the defender trained for just one day before Arsenal’s victory over Liverpool in the Community Shield.Arsenal beat Liverpool on penalties, with Luiz starting at the heart of defence despite only linking up with the first team days before the game.Arteta lavished praise on his entire squad for keeping Liverpool at bay and singled out Luiz for his contribution.‘You never get used to it, I am so happy,’ Arteta said after the victory.ADVERTISEMENT‘I knew the challenge we were facing today against this incredible opponent. ‘David [Luiz], for example, trained one day just before the final, he was able to play 90 minutes. AdvertisementAdvertisement‘So thank you very much to the players for the effort and the performance. Luiz played 90 minutes (Picture: Getty)‘The courage of the team [impressed me], how aggressive we were without the ball, how well we made the decisions to break the pressure of Liverpool and put some issues against them in the back line that they have, and I am pleased [because] I knew in the second half we were going to suffer.‘We didn’t have the legs, we’ve been training for two weeks, but in the penalties again I think the boys had a lot of courage to put them right.‘I think in the last ten minutes we took the ball, we played in the final third, we were able to dominate, we created two good chances to win it as well, but I’m really pleased with how they competed. More: FootballRio Ferdinand urges Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to drop Manchester United starChelsea defender Fikayo Tomori reveals why he made U-turn over transfer deadline day moveMikel Arteta rates Thomas Partey’s chances of making his Arsenal debut vs Man City‘Hopefully they can get used to it. It generates belief. ‘We have a lot of things to improve still, but to be able to compete against these sorts of teams in a final like this, it makes me really proud. ‘Let’s try to improve again.’MORE: Martin Keown blasts Mikel Arteta over decision to sell Arsenal duo Ainsley Maitland-Niles & Emiliano MartinezMORE: Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang & Ainsley Maitland-Niles speak out on their Arsenal futuresFollow Metro Sport across our social channels, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. For more stories like this, check our sport page.last_img read more

first_imgPanama-flagged bulker MV Ever Judger has been seized by the East Kalimantan police in connection with the ongoing investigation into the massive oil spill and related fire that claimed the lives of five people on March 31.“We decided to seize the ship for a thorough investigation of the oil spill that harmed Balikpapan Bay for 21 days,” East Kalimantan Police investigation chief Yustan Alpiani is quoted as saying by Indonesian Bernar News.The ship’s captain and its 20 crew members have banned from leaving Indonesia until the investigation is concluded, the Jakarta Post said.As informed, the ship is tied up to a dock in Semayang Port waters.The anchor of 82,000 dwt bulk carrier has been identified as the likely cause of the rupture of an undersea pipe belonging to a local refinery owned by Pertamina, Indonesian Navy’s hydrographic office found, which resulted in the release of a massive amount of crude oil spreading across 26 kilometers. According to a report from Indonesian Ministry of Environment and Forestry, the incident affected around 34 hectares Mangrove ecosystem and caused health problems to the people in the area.Ever Judger was the only vessel in the waters of Balikpapan Bay, according to the vessel’s AIS data, at the time of the incident. The ship’s anchor is believed to have dragged the pipe some 300 feet from its original position. Judging on the evidence found so far the anchor did damage the pipeline and a forensic reconstruction of the events is yet to be completed based on the found remains of the pipe to conclude the case.Pertamina has since been engaged with local authorities on containing the spill. The company is said to be waiting for the results of the investigation and is likely to consider legal action against the culprit once officially determined.Nevertheless, local organizations have criticised Indonesia authorities for their failure to establish early warning systems to foreign vessels to avoid such occurrences, urging the security around such pipelines be improved.World Maritime News Staff; Image Courtesy: Twitter/Juniansyahlast_img read more

first_imgEvening Report 4 October 2016Family First Comment: This is a fascinating read by an investigative reporter….“In my editorial titled: Be Aware and Beware of What You Demand – A Case Against State-Backed Euthanasia, I reflect back to the mid-1990s to an investigation I wrote that exposed how the government was to enforce exclusion criteria designed to prevent people from accessing life-saving but expensive treatments. If you were blind, intellectually disabled, had a history of mental illness, anti-social behaviour, a criminal conviction – you would be excluded from having renal dialysis. The experience of reporting this confirmed my resolve against state-backed-euthanasia. Here’s why… “ my editorial titled: Be Aware and Beware of What You Demand – A Case Against State-Backed Euthanasia, I reflect back to the mid-1990s to an investigation I wrote that exposed how the government was to enforce exclusion criteria designed to prevent people from accessing life-saving but expensive treatments. If you were blind, intellectually disabled, had a history of mental illness, anti-social behaviour, a criminal conviction – you would be excluded from having renal dialysis. The experience of reporting this confirmed my resolve against state-backed-euthanasia. Here’s why…Back in the mid 1990s Jenny Shipley (then Minister of Health in the Bolger National Government) established a governmental body called the Core Health Services Committee (CHSC) which was chaired by former broadcaster Sharon Crosbie. The CHSC was known to exist, but no one paid much attention to it, and also getting information out of it was problematic as it would cite commercial confidentiality as a reason for withholding information. So a lot of its work went under the radar.Back then, National had created a commercial model that replaced health boards with Regional Funding Authorities (RHAs) and hospitals became Crown Health Enterprises. It wasn’t until 2000, that the new Helen Clark-led Labour-Alliance Government disestablished the RHAs and CHEs and reestablished publicly elected health boards, and, hospitals became public hospitals once again.But back in the early to mid-1990s the Core Health Services Committee was accountable directly to the Minister of Health, Jenny Shipley, and was tasked with creating health funding frameworks, protocols, criteria that the then RHAs would rely upon when deciding what health services the government would pay Crown Health Enterprises (CHEs) for – when providing health ‘services’ to ‘clients’ (patients).The Core Health Services Committee was tasked to evaluate a way of reducing the cost-burden on the Government for health services and come up with a set of criteria that CHEs and doctors would have to abide by when deciding which ‘clients’ (patients) would get treatment and, importantly, who would not.In August 1994, I became aware that the Core Health Services Committee had been evaluating the most costly procedures, including renal dialysis treatment for people with end-stage renal failure. I was told by sources that the CHSC had drafted a document that included a framework for how expensive treatments would be handled, and that the Minister of Health had approved the plan.Generally, there are two types of criteria:inclusion – (meaning patients that met certain criteria would be eligible for treatment)exclusion – (meaning those that could be labeled as possessing or exhibiting specific criteria would exclude then from being offered treatment.READ MORE: read more

first_imgLeeds United are making a shock bid for Hull City goal machine Jarrod Bowen. Promoted Content8 Fascinating Facts About Coffee12 Movies That Almost Ended Their Stars’ Careers7 Ways To Understand Your Girlfriend Better8 Interesting Unknown Facts Of Sasha Obama6 Incredibly Strange Facts About HurricanesHere Are The Best Movies Since 1982 You Should Definitely See15 Photos Of Amazingly Beautiful Mutations7 Mind-Boggling Facts About Black HolesTop 10 Nations That Are Most Difficult To InvadeWho Is The Most Powerful Woman On Earth?10 Characters Who Deserve To Be Official Disney Princesses10 Phones That Can Work For Weeks Without Recharging The Tigers want around £20 million for Bowen but there have been no takers at the price. His contract runs out in the summer but they can exercise a clause to keep him  for a further year. Read Also:PSG owners closing in on Leeds United takeover Bowen is also fancied by Newcastle but Steve Bruce has yet to commit to a bid. FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 The Championship high fliers are willing to pay a £3 million loan fee for wide man Bowen and a further stunning £15 million if they go up. The offer will give Hull a dilemma as it almost matches their asking price if their rivals make it to the Premier League.Advertisement Loading… last_img read more