the rise of network community, let China grassroots entrepreneurs have the opportunity to pursue their dreams. AC Nielsen survey shows that in 2006 there were only 724 thousand people in the United States to set up shop in eBay as their main source of income. In addition to these professional sellers, there are 1 million 500 thousand people by selling goods on the eBay to increase revenue. In China, occupation of online sellers are increasing year by year, at a rate of two digits which are part of the network special trade with foreigners, which makes Chinese sellers do not have a harvest and experience. Today we have a look at how to make money for foreigners, and what are the special problems worth paying attention to entrepreneurs? read more

free and open, to the center of the bitcoin has become a symbol of the spirit of the Internet, but greed is also the destruction of its future speculation. The value of bitcoin is not guaranteed, but in the game participants’ confidence, become the object of frenzied speculation (especially China area), the mysterious creator from the rules of the game in the huge profit, but also become the best choice of drugs, money laundering and other illegal transactions assassination.


technology Zheng Jun from the bottom of the U.S. Silicon Valley read more

cloud computing into the 2016, NetEase cloud has finally entered the bureau. From the beginning of 2015, NetEase cloud letter, NetEase seven fish, NetEase honeycomb and other cloud services have been on-line. September 2016, NetEase cloud held a strategic conference, NetEase officially joined the war cloud computing.

and the introduction of NetEase cloud services products, it is a NetEase innovative product research and incubation base, said the Hangzhou Institute of NetEase. It is not only to provide technical support for NetEase’s Internet business, but also hatched a cloud music NetEase, NetEase, such as the purchase of a series of Koala Sea red products. It is the innovation mechanism of how and why choose cloud computing was the NetEase in 2016 to join the cloud? 2016 is Hangzhou Research Institute was established in tenth years, the NetEase of Hangzhou Research Institute executive director Wang Yuan told the Hangzhou institute ten years of development and innovation mechanism to I horse, and NetEase future cloud breaking operation. read more

news January 8th, well-known translation website Yeeyan today to replace the domain name and re launched, the original domain name will jump to the new domain name. It is reported that, in addition to the replacement of the new version of the page, Yeeyan has also increased the similar group blog "project group" function.

is known as "the most Chinese Internet updates on the largest" translation website. However, in December, the sudden closure of Yeeyan without warning. Three days after the official come explained that the website operators alleged violations, "Yeeyan need to temporarily shut down the server, and adjust the related content". read more

went to the old age of forty, Microsoft released a variety of ways, including open source has become the most whirling. Microsoft executives said that the future may also open source, then Microsoft will really be so big recruit it really can be proud of the Microsoft Windows open source it? I observed that perhaps everything is possible.

Windows 10 open source is a good


Windows cannot open source? In the suppression of Google and apple, Microsoft should seek more bold innovation to cope with the new market development, especially need more thinking transformation of the development of the mobile Internet market. The original Google Android open source help gains more market opportunities and market share, Apple’s closed iOS to help them get a big return, it is a stimulus for Microsoft. read more

C2C transactions are more and more attractive in the field of electronic commerce, the vast amount of information makes people’s business work and life become more convenient.

Alibaba C2C field also crazy

Alibaba listed on the same day the market value of more than $20 billion, in one fell swoop to become China’s largest Internet Co, the world’s highest ranking.


of this landmark event for the global e-commerce market at Chinese. Internet lab chairman, Internet observers Fang Xingdong predicted that Chinese e-commerce market has just started, either B2B or C2C, there is still much room for growth, "can play". read more

The first phase of the Beijing Olympic Games ticket sales in June 30th deadline. Through the understanding of the association, the current preliminary statistics have received more than 700 thousand orders, the number of tickets for more than 4 million 900 thousand tickets. As of June 20th, the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee received a number of orders for 360 thousand copies, the number of tickets purchased more than 2 million 200 thousand. Just 10 days time, this figure increased significantly. At present, the official website of the Beijing Olympic Games registered more than 1 million of the site; the preliminary statistics of the order of the order, there are 90% from the official ticket website Beijing Olympic games. In order to meet the development of the Olympic Games, other tourism related sites are also actively respond to the introduction of the Olympic Games for the service of the classic tourist routes. For example: search mission travel network, ticketing world, have played a big window to establish the image of the industry. read more

with Baidu search engine to find keywords to book tickets, Ms. Zhang appeared on the right side of the page, Baidu promotion link in the information, call 400 at the beginning of a telephone order for two tickets. But she will be 2200 yuan fare into the other account, and also can not get in touch with them. There are many people reflect, Baidu promotion link, a lot of information on the sale of second-hand car prices are mostly scam. "Baidu promotion link" in the information should be approved by the relevant personnel examination and treatment, but why even suspected of fraud, false information still can run in both directions unblockedly read more

choose the cross-border electricity supplier, is perhaps the preferred path China Amazon with global resources to achieve a breakthrough, also in a certain deposition to others and form the best path.

(from media public number: laohushuokeji or old bullshit)

cross-border electricity supplier has become a new pig on the outlet.

according to the Ministry of commerce data, China’s cross-border electricity supplier average annual growth rate of nearly 40%. 3 years ago, in 2013, China’s cross-border import electricity supplier turnover was only $299 billion 700 million, and by 2016, China’s cross-border electricity supplier import and export trade volume will reach $6 trillion and 500 billion. read more


in web server security training? According to the latest statistics, the average every 20 seconds, a website was compromised over the Internet firewall 1/3 is compromised, there are serious security vulnerabilities of network system in China more than 90%, due to the vulnerability of the information system of the global economic losses, hundreds of millions of dollars annually, and showed a rising trend year by year. Let the students master the various server Windows, Linux platform for the establishment and management of security configuration and through our training, through the actual security application Raiders training, let members understand the principle of hacker technology skills, mastery of security technology, website security experts become true, create a safe and stable server environment. read more

the afternoon of October 29th, Alibaba announced that Baidu Alibaba capital chain was forced to stop Baidu huge advertising to make a response, said this statement is framed for Alibaba, and suggested that the source of this is a period of time for various attacks and falsely accused the Alibaba. Alibaba statement, said it was officially issued a notice to Baidu in October 10th, the termination of the advertising contract, the reason is that the company believes that Baidu is currently providing search quality is not high. According to Alibaba, said Baidu subsequently issued a statement to the national media, said Alibaba was forced to stop funding strand breaks Baidu huge advertising". read more

China registered Mr. Lee in 1999 and registered the legitimate use of the domain name, after 7 years suffered from Spain with the trademark "CMZ" company of the arbitration complaints, the Spanish Company with the trademark "CMZ" registered Chinese from an easy job to do hand away from the domain. This case has aroused much controversy in the domain name industry, one of the problems is worthy of vigilance: first, because the domain name user COM domain management institutions in the United States, once the arbitration, English interpretation more easily recognized, is difficult to protect the rights and interests of Chinese registration; secondly, the language has become a major obstacle to Chinese registrants to protect their own rights and interests the. Although the Chinese proposed arbitration in Chinese, but was rejected, Chinese registration is often due to the sad language and put read more

U.S. government asked Amazon and eBay share fake shelf application to the record, in order to grasp the related business information, and urged the trading platform to take measures to crackdown.

The United States

business online news was the football contest "super wrist" (Super Ball) on the occasion of the start, the relevant law enforcement officials on Thursday in a TV show to the public display of their last year from the online shops, flea market stall on the stadium and seized a lot of False Fake jerseys, baseball caps and other fake sports activities. In the United States, the problem of fake goods is becoming more and more serious, and more and more difficult to control. read more

recently, some friends broke the news of a courier kissing female customers, like no quality of the courier in a few. Frequent online shopping friends should have encountered such a courier, speak very bluntly, a lot of temper and even abusive customers. With the continuous development of the electricity supplier in China, Chinese has hundreds of millions of online shopping users, the rise of the electricity supplier to express industry. At present, in addition to the courier company Shen Tong, SF, Huitong and so on the strength, and the daily express, rhyme delivery courier company etc.. Express business is busy, or can not meet the needs of consumers during the holiday season, so the future needs more courier practitioners. read more

      see list of personal webmaster influential Sohu yesterday released in 2001, also make a fortune, to chat.

      1, Pang Shengdong, strictly speaking, not long Pang personal webmaster, then took another round of investment, Pang has become the capital predators out of the personal webmaster, his dating website with Pang Chaoqiang’s promotion team and strong financial support, has been basically as the largest video dating websites. The year spent nearly one million yuan to buy a domain name, it is a useless, young Pang Shengdong, after several attempts of entrepreneurship, finally firmly on the Internet Center stage. read more

we all know the chain for a site keywords ranking the importance of how fast and stable to the chain? Has become the topic of our discussion today, I will together with you to explore how to do the construction of the chain and on line of railway station.

first: clear the classification and role of the chain

I think the chain currently can be divided into Links and ordinary chain chain, which includes: ordinary soft outside the chain, the chain blog, share the chain and so on, which Links for our short plays a very important role in improving the key ranking, we can implement through the exchange, buy so, outside the chain of common early for our rankings effect is not obvious, but the effect is immeasurable, so the chain common we need every day to gradually improve. read more

in the United States, a Chinese guy opened an online shoe shop called "fame, 2007, known to every family" sales of more than $800 million, accounting for the United States footwear market network $3 billion in 1/4, known as the "shoe of the amazon".

the Chinese guy named Xie Jiahua thirty years of age, he opened an online shoe shop is Zappos".

Harvard University genius boy

33 year old Xie Jiahua as one of the founders of Zappos, is currently the chief executive officer of the network marketing empire. His parents came to the United States from Taiwan in the early years to settle in Illinois, gave birth to Xie Jiahua. read more

dark horse games like a raging fire, all the chips, Crowdsourcing, Zhongxiang, in addition we exchange games, walking in front of the business bigwigs, also bring some dry cargo sharing for everyone, the following is the Yao Jinbo mission press officer, Lily network co-founder Mu rock dry cargo sharing, very dry.

metamorphosis long registration process won the user

today I want to talk about the main contents include two aspects: one is Lily network nearly 9 years of entrepreneurial process of product and business model exploration, the two is the brand building experience and lessons. read more

in CEIBS twenty anniversary special events, many in the audience admiring fanatical fans, Liu Qiangdong revealed the true nature, review a number of companies.

Tucao Apple: difficult to fire ten years

All of

‘s consumer electronics brand not evergreen, why? Because consumer electronics always decades of development and innovation, continuous innovation, you don’t know who will be a new and better mobile phone tomorrow, so we are more happy, overnight Apple mobile phone behind the times. All the world’s consumer electronics, not a fire for 20 years, I have only seen an apple. But Jobs is really a genius, is a gift of God to our human beings, precisely because of this genius, only one company fire over ten years, but I think if Apple does not continue to innovate, it is very difficult to fire ten years. read more


] Chinese entrepreneurs network as a "stealth master", Chinese Yintai investment company chairman Shen Guojun not only has a deep understanding of how to invest, even in the "Chinese manufacturing" and "business" on the topic, he also has outstanding opinions.

in the 2012 China corporate leaders meeting, Shen Guojun not only elected in 2012 China "the 25 most influential business leaders", he also attended the annual meeting of the forum theme of "new industrial revolution: China manufacturing ‘new track’", and "Chinese manufacturing" expressed their views, he 30 years before China manufacturing is really brilliant, but this glorious golden age gone for ever, the future may not come again. China’s manufacturing industry is really very hard to do, because the original is relatively low cost, labor costs and so on, and now all kinds of cost increases, the advantages of China’s manufacturing costs have been lost. read more