Rayist plans to quarantine in our home

first_imgThey are being hard days. There is no one outside the coronavirus crisis and society is staying at home to try to stop this epidemic. Many footballers have shown us in their networks how they are living their confinement and, directly or indirectly, they are offering us some ideas to occupy our time. Here we offer several rayista recommendations to pass the quarantine. Do houseworkThe day goes a long way and Catena He showed us another of his chores through the networks, in this case ordering his large collection of sneakers. And it is that our homes are an inexhaustible source of tasks: cleaning, cooking, ironing … “I have placed the closet twice and surely another falls this weekend”, he confessed Alicia, captain of the Feminine.To playSome opt for games like FIFA 20 or Fortnite. There are specialists. However, we can also test our knowledge of the Strip. Here, this trivial designed by fellow ‘Lightning Union’ (https://www.unionrayo.es/trivial-temporada-rayo-vallecano-1/).Listen to musicIt has become the anthem of this crisis. The mantra to hold on to when they are badly given. ‘Resistiré’ by the Dynamic Duo is one of the ex-Strip’s favorite songs, Bolus. It was before and it is now. “My family and my close friends have wavered my whole life because of it,” he confessed.Do sportFootballers and coaching staff they try to keep fit with the resources they have at home. In some cases they have a garden or terrace to be able to move around more, but others must manage on their floor. Sit-ups, rubbers … Any corner or object can count as an improvised gym.ApplaudRayists and non-rayists. Players and non-players. We all have an appointment at the windows and balconies at 20:00 to applaud in honor of all those anonymous heroes of the coronavirus: restrooms, restockers and ATMs, transporters, cleaners … “Thank you to all the people who are working and making things easy in these difficult times we are experiencing,” he said. Trejo.And of course … Being with the family!Video calls bring families who cannot live together this quarantine together. A good time to talk and listen. In short, to share moments with our loved ones (parents, children, couples, friends …) because even without kisses and hugs we can show affection. Morro’s aunt He has made a beautiful video linking a message from each and every member of his family: ‘Everything will pass … This too’. ReadIt is the plan chosen by Catena, who showed us in a photo four books on the table, four suggestions: ‘Ask the dust’ by Fante, ‘Complete poetry’ by Cesare Pavese, ‘Submission’ by Houellebecq and ‘The world of yesterday’ by Stefan Zweig.Two pro rayistas have also decided to do their bit and offer the free download of their books. This is the case of ‘Footballers of the Left’ (http://www.leemelibros.com/ebooks.html) and ‘A las Armas’ (https://we.tl/t-mMJY8xeA8Z) of Quique Hairstyle and ‘The samurai of Vallecas’ of Jesus Mesado (https://wetransfer.com/downloads/6d8fd749620a596af058d6ac460a99cc20200318142805/9302cc?fbclid=IwAR0zHpYYEiKFmu7ynmbP6pRG9Fj4zdyAsyRMqe_UEr7HreRDD7Watch seriesThe different platforms offer us a rich list of movies, documentaries and series. The latter has been the bet of Isi Palazón. The end hung a photo watching the new season of ‘Elite’ with his pet. One of the highlights of Netflix, where the Korean film ‘Virus’ is also sweeping.StudyMario Suarez He dedicates part of this time at home to training. In addition to being with the family, the midfielder continues with his SBA Master of the Garrigues Study Center, focused on sports management. Always a good option for the future.last_img

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