How do you game?

first_imgGaming Do the sports you like dictate how you game? Goal Do the sports you like reflect the games you play? Last updated 1 year ago 00:30 5/24/18 FacebookTwitterRedditcopy Cristiano Ronaldo FIFA 18 GFX EA SPORTS Gaming We want to know whether your real-life interests influence your gaming choices Do soccer fans play Madden? Do basketball fans play Fifa?Let us know if your sporting interests dictate your gaming choices by completing the survey below. 5-7 Skip survey header 1. How old are you? Be a Pro No Soccer 3-5 5. Do you buy the new Madden every year? 1-3 MMA UFC American Football Madden Gaming survey Franchise Mode Golf The gameplay and graphics All of the above 1-3 under 18 Long Shot NBA 2K 45+ Tennis 5. What game mode do you spend most of your time with in Madden? 2. What sports do you like to watch? Compteitive online play Competitve Online versus 5-7 center_img 5. On average, how many hours a week do you spend playing video games? Fifa I’m hoping for more of the Longshot mode! NBA 2K PES Basketball 4. Do you play video games? Yes NBA Live 0% Ultimate Team 5. You said you play Madden, what are the best features of Madden for you? 5. What features would you like to see more of in Madden? No – Why? Please enter an ‘other’ value for this selection. Ultimate Team keeps me coming back Yes 35-44 3-5 5. Please select all the games you play? Boxing 3. How many hours a week do you spend watching sport every week? (including live, highlights, news) 25-34 None of the above 18-24 7+ 7+ Baseball SurveyGizmo offline surveys are useful in any situation where you want to gather data but don’t want to be fully reliant on an internet connection. Please take my survey nowlast_img

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