Anonymous hacker group plans to kill Facebook for the sake of privacy

first_imgAnonymous, the collective group known for its politically-charged hackers, has announced its next victim: Facebook. In a YouTube video from account “FacebookOp,” Anonymous speaks to the “citizens of the world” in a slightly-terrifying robotic voice, explaining its plans to destroy Facebook.The video encourages viewers to “join the cause” and “kill Facebook for the sake of your own privacy.” The video claims that Facebook has been selling our information to clandestine agencies and giving it to security firms so they can spy on us. According to Anonymous, even if we’ve protected our information with the various Facebook privacy settings, nothing is private. “Facebook knows more about you than your family,” Anonymous said. Also, deleting your account is also impossible. The group says that even if you delete your account, all your personal information stays on Facebook and can be recovered at any time.Anonymous is known for launching distributed denial-of-service attacks which harms its target by getting a large group of people to access the site continually until the influx in traffic slows the site down so much that the servers can’t handle it.Since Facebook is such a huge site–750 million users huge–it would take a lot for Anonymous to slow down Facebook’s servers. Anonymous tried to take down Amazon in the same way earlier this year, but Amazon’s huge amount of server power was too much for the group.The group is giving us time to think and “prepare for a day that will go down in history” before they deploy the attack on (remember, remember) the 5th of November.via Village Voicelast_img

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