entrepreneurial success rate is low, in many cities will be such a phenomenon, why entrepreneurs always die? What should we do? According to the findings of a survey in Chongqing for several years, the proportion of people with entrepreneurial intention every year in 20%, but a year after graduating from college to the real business of people less than 2%, the gap between the two are more than 10 times.


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for Home Furnishing appliance industry now, many people have found their trend of development is increasingly better, but how to join in, we must not blindly before joining the fierce lost.

to enter the small household appliance stores need to pay attention to the following four points:

A: the election of the industry. In recent years, the popular franchise industry frequently shuffle, popular high industries "have a fever, fever faster", often makes a late step of joining, had just opened boom decline risk. Therefore, the choice of small home appliance stores in the first criterion, that is, the industry must be selected to withstand the test of the market, there must be sufficient vitality, there is a certain degree of sustained profitability. read more

want to start a business, it is necessary to find the project on this thing to use their brains. As the saying goes, the market is like a bowl of stones, seemingly full, in fact, sand, lime, water can be infiltrated.

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just saw this title you must face a fog, venture investment in the "333" in the end what value? Venture capital, investment must be cautious. How to release the risk? How to get a good input-output ratio? Experts from the three levels were proposed to pay attention to three issues.

business conditions

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is the so-called: "you want to be healthy, Disease enters by the mouth." to ensure the safety of the tongue is very necessary, but in the hungry meal on the platform, some businesses are still no legitimate business documents. According to the official release of hungry, "9· 27"; "homophonic love", "quality" flagship high-quality delicacy, outside call attention to the work of the quality of life of young people, eat a little better. However, many users are reflected in the hungry platform can still be seen on the business scope of the overrun, license incomplete business, which had previously been exposed to "ghost restaurant" is still in operation. read more

with the improvement of living standards, people’s material life has been greatly satisfied later, instead of the spiritual life of the new requirements. In October 28th, it is next Friday, "twenty-first Century Xiamen Maritime Silk Road Art Week" in Jimei Metro Jiageng Art Center curtain. "The door opening ceremony is scheduled for Jimei metro public square the Jiageng theatre, art week exquisite works set in the opening ceremony will also meet with readers."

Art Week Organizing Committee official revealed. It is reported that this "new Hester" art feast from the Literary Federation, the municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, City Federation, Jimei District publicity department, Xiamen Newspaper Media Group Co sponsored the exhibition from 15 Marine Silk Road along the countries and regions of the more than and 200 painting boutique. read more

hot pot is a popular favorite food to eat, the taste of hot pot is very good, only the taste so that customer satisfaction, hot pot shop to vitality. The taste of dishes in Hot pot itself, mainly by the base material, and then dipped in soup dish, decided to open a Hot pot shop, what factors might affect Hot pot business? Xiao Bian introduced.

Procurement of raw materials for

hot pot

what are the factors that affect the operation of hot pot? There is a saying in the industry "all the money, all around is the hole", this sentence means that a store in the process of Hot pot waste paper, bottles, caps and other seemingly insignificant materials can be replaced with money; but Hot pot of each link, including procurement, ingredients, condiments such a waste, it will lead to Hot pot store profitability difficult, this problem is hard to find, but always have "business is hot, profit" phenomenon. read more

birthday party and other activities, the cake is always cannot do without choice, in many of the city’s cake is also becoming a hot delicacy, almost every cake shop can easily attract a large number of customers, provide the love cake for their delicacy. There is a huge market demand, many entrepreneurs also began to cut feeling living in a nearby brand cake shop to provide delicious cake to the surrounding residents.

but cake shop to join the seemingly simple, still has a lot of join entrepreneurs do not know how to start, how much money such as joining the cake shop, what is the need to pay attention to the local join cake shop, these are some join entrepreneurs doubts. Here we come to explain briefly, join the cake shop has what we need to pay attention to the place, how to better run such a cake shop. read more

stage is the country launched the "national entrepreneurship, innovation" era, many local governments actively take relevant measures, vigorously promote the development of local enterprises innovation, constantly complete the implementation of the transformation of enterprises, to make it more in line with the trend of development of era. So, how to respond to the call of Liangshan to promote innovation and entrepreneurship?

is speeding up the construction of double incubation center. In accordance with the unified arrangements of the provincial government, the state of Liangshan (Xichang) Innovation Incubation Center has been constructed, has invested 880 million yuan, construction area of 14441.2 square meters, built Innovation Incubation Center, college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship Park and the science and technology enterprise incubator, initially identified 25 enterprises settled in the incubator of scientific and technological achievements, in trade, patent the accounting firms, and other services 8, the first batch of 18 projects by the end of May to complete the defense audit. read more

no matter what you want to shop, the site is to consider, in the site, you can find some shops in accordance with the actual needs. The need for different shops, the site also has different requirements, then, how to operate according to the needs of the site? Here to listen to small series for you to introduce the analysis!

A to select the address based on content management. Shop sales of goods of different kinds of sites with different requirements. Some shops require people to flow in large areas, such as clothing stores, small supermarkets, but some shops are suitable to open in remote, quiet places, such as health care stores and the elderly service centers, etc.. read more

in today’s rapid economic development, the changes in turn the world upside down all walks of life, the seemingly very popular occupation now has become increasingly popular. So, what are the most promising careers in the next 5 years? Let’s take a look.

inventory of the next 5 years the most promising Occupation: lawyer

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now, inter industry competition is very fierce, want to win wealth, must have their own way. Now open shop a lot of competition between peers, so many people are eager to lower the price, a lot of time online supply prices have pressure their money but the There is not much left., shop trading volume is very low, let’s look at a few cases:

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now many people are complaining that the physical business is more and more difficult to do. In particular, retail owners, cigarette management is more and more difficult. Indeed, the real business is not good to do, however, if we can grasp some business secrets, hot business can also be carried out very well. In fact, if the operator experience you should know, an industry of any business, there are some formulas can grasp. So, what are the cigarette business formula?

the current social economy is slightly warmer, but the overall downward pressure is still large, the terminal consumer enthusiasm is not high, stimulating consumption is not novel and so on is still troubled by the further development, we are facing the same environment, it has become the key to success or failure of the details, through the operation details to find suitable for their own business model in the increasingly fierce competition in the market, let the operation to achieve the reverse, let the store expert in making money is particularly important, the author, through market visits, and retailers in exchange, sorting out a source of five details in the cigarette retail terminal formula". read more

does not have a high start-up funds, you want to get rich through the small business, then might as well look at the small series recommended for the four business plan, perhaps you will find a viable business plan.

A, rely on the commodity market venture

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middle-aged entrepreneurs are under great pressure, so we must be careful, the following Xiaobian will give you a few points about the middle age entrepreneurship, I hope you can help.

1. should have relevant expertise or skills as relying on

2. according to the previous work resources

3. project must have the growth space of read more