in the US it is not difficult to find that there are a lot of Hot pot shop are in a special food as their own signs, such as fish Hot pot, with Fried Shrimps in Hot and Spicy Sauce Hot pot, a soup Hot pot and so on, today Xiaobian to introduce is to cattle bones as the theme of self – Wu Hot pot project Daniel head.

Daniel Wu old bones join, a self join Hot pot project, Daniel Wu old bones join headquarters has been dedicated to the promotion of innovation and technology and traditional Chinese food and special snack, and with a strong R & D and brand management capabilities, combined with its rich dining experience, to provide professional and scientific services the majority of small and medium-sized investors committed to catering business. read more

successfully joined a casual drinks store, to provide consumers with more services, market opportunities. But it is not easy to do casual drinks shop, the owner must grasp the promotion of casual drinks shop skills, this is the guarantee of success and prosperity.


in the upscale district residents in the vicinity of the shopping place to the parking lot, car delivery exquisite single page advertisement (DM) and a small gift, a single page can also be made in the form of coupon. read more

today’s dry cleaning industry, with good prospects for development, is a lot of entrepreneurs have been concerned about the field of gold. See more and more friends began to do dry cleaners, some people do it themselves, and some people choose to join, Xiao Bian seems, or choose a good dry cleaners brand is essential.


brand effect

now most people pay attention to the brand, in addition to a large number of good brand advertising, and reputation.

two, low cost

join as one of the most popular business concern, it is an economical and simple way of doing business, the most fundamental reason is that it through a kind of goods or services and marketing methods, with minimal risk and the greatest chance of success. read more

bustling shops, operators may not have so much trouble, however, if the business is in the shop floor, want to let the store business booming, nature also need to master more business strategy. Even if the independent management of the store in a good building, the money is limited. Because the customer is limited to the vicinity of the guests and the old people, these people even if a moonlight 35 Gu, you can not create much profit. In order to open up the market, still need to strive for more customers. read more

Internet era, there are many opportunities in the online venture is also a lot of people’s ideas. Online shopping is so popular today, the Internet is indeed a good way out. Online business is not impossible to make money, had worked in the public relations company white-collar workers in the company after the layoffs chose the online business, more than a month to earn more than work.

online selling special purchases for the Spring Festival earning 8000

worked in a PR company Zhang received a unit of human resources department phone two months ago, she became one of the first unit of laid-off workers. But in the online shop to make money to bring her profits and sense of accomplishment so that she quickly diluted the layoffs brought about by the loss. Xiao Zhang’s hometown is in Zhejiang, in the northwest of Ling’an, which is known as the "hometown of Hickory."". Xiao Zhang is to see the business opportunities, and soon opened a shop specializing in selling Taobao nut shop, sales of hand stripping hickory. How to make money online? She told reporters, small walnut 16 yuan / bag hand stripping (250 grams) is very popular, especially after the New Year Spring Festival approaching, buyers are basically a purchase of more than 10 packages, the country received dozens of orders every day, the day she will order by fax to the home of relatives, and then confirm the payment after delivery, trading. Can earn more than 8000 yuan a month, online shop to earn more money than to work in the unit." She said. read more

hot pot is a popular favorite food to eat, the taste of hot pot is very good, only the taste so that customer satisfaction, hot pot shop to vitality. The taste of dishes in Hot pot itself, mainly by the base material, and then dipped in soup dish, decided to open a Hot pot shop, what factors might affect Hot pot business? Xiao Bian introduced.

Procurement of raw materials for

hot pot

what are the factors that affect the operation of hot pot? There is a saying in the industry "all the money, all around is the hole", this sentence means that a store in the process of Hot pot waste paper, bottles, caps and other seemingly insignificant materials can be replaced with money; but Hot pot of each link, including procurement, ingredients, condiments such a waste, it will lead to Hot pot store profitability difficult, this problem is hard to find, but always have "business is hot, profit" phenomenon. read more