first_imgThe gains in dollar and unit sales are generating significant market share increases for retailer brands in the mass channel as a result. Unit market share climbed to 23.2% in 2018, up from 18.5% in 2013.  Meanwhile dollar market share advanced to 19.3% in 2018, up from 15.5% in 2013.Moreover, this impressive growth for private label shows no sign of slowing.  In 2018, private label dollar sales advanced +9.8% and unit volume gained +10.6%.  In contrast, national brands were flat in dollar volume and gave up -1.3% in units.Marketing Technology News: AdGreetz Launches First, Fully-Automated & Integrated Marketing Platform, AdChefThis trend is especially significant since the mass channel is also growing faster than traditional supermarkets. Over the past five years dollar volume for the mass channel has climbed +12.6%, while unit volume was up +6.4%. Total sales in the mass channel has reached $314 billion vs. $330 billion in supermarkets.The success of store brands in the mass channel is posing a big challenge for national brands – a challenge that was clearly spelled out by Warren Buffett, a big investor in Kraft Heinz. In a recent interview with CNBC, he said the marketing colossus of well-known national brands had 2018 sales of only $26 billion compared with the $39 billion in sales posted by Kirkland, the private label of Costco, the leading warehouse club.Private label’s performance in the mass channel for 2018 nudged Nielsen’s store brands figures to positive territory across all outlets combined, despite a lackluster showing for the year in supermarkets and drug stores. For total outlets, dollar sales for store brands was up +1.7% and unit volume was up +0.4%.Marketing Technology News: HipChat Founders Launch Swoot, a Social Podcast AppCorrespondingly, store brands dollar market share in all outlets gained half a point, up to 18.5%, while unit share increased +0.6 points to 22.3%.During 2018, store brands sales across all outlets measured by Nielsen came in at $128.6 billion, up from $123.1 billion, while units moved up to 46.2 billion from 44.8 billion.Marketing Technology News: Philo Reveals Connected TV Ad Platform to Reach Latest Generation of TV Lovers Store brands are proving to be a powerful weapon for mass merchandisers, club stores and dollar stores as they compete against both Amazon and other brick and mortar retailers. An analysis of the latest Nielsen data reveals that private label dollar volume in the mass retail channel surged +41% over the last five years, compared to a gain of only +7.4% for national brands. The growth lead is even more pronounced when it comes to units. The same Nielsen data show that store brands volume climbed by +33.2%, while the national brands inched ahead by less than +1%. AmazonMarketing Technology Newsmass merchandisersNational BrandsNewsNielsen dataStore brands Previous ArticleEquinix Acquires Switch Datacenters’ AMS1 Data Center Business in AmsterdamNext ArticlePramati Technologies Launches to Help Enterprises Optimize Website Conversion Rates Store Brands Surge by 40% Plus in Mass Retail Channel over 5 Years, Far Outpacing National Brands PRNewswireApril 23, 2019, 8:00 pmApril 23, 2019 last_img read more

first_imgAdvertising Solution Provider Promotes from Within to Bring Stronger Client Focus to Newly Integrated C-SuiteDigital Remedy, a white-labeled ad operations and sales solution for publishers, advertisers, and agencies, announced that David Zapletal has joined the C-Suite as Chief Innovation & Media Officer a newly created position for the company.Advancing from his current role as EVP of Media Optimization at Digital Remedy, for the first time Zapletal will be fulfilling a C-Suite position interweaving media, technology, and product. He will remain at the helm of the company’s media buying and optimization operations, in addition to spearheading compliance efforts in partnership with internal and external counsel.With 15 years of involvement in the media operations for Digital Remedy and its clients, Zapletal will continue to lead company offerings through his desire to test and learn, activate and refine, and work hand-in-hand with clients to solve the real business challenges happening today while preparing them for the future of ad tech and digital media.“As Digital Remedy continues to navigate the changing terrain of our industry, I look forward to actively steering the ship and bringing our offerings into the next decade,” said Zapletal. “I plan to continue working directly with our clients to implement the technologies and products that allow them to succeed and move them into their next stage of growth.”Marketing Technology News: MSAB Chosen for Key Role in New European Union Funded Consortium Developing Mobile Forensic Technology Solutions for Law EnforcementZapletal has been a member on the board of Digital Remedy since 2016. Bringing a wealth of on-the-ground experience and expertise to this new role, Zapletal has a strong connection with the client base of the company. Zapletal spearheaded the implementation of a New Orleans office for Digital Remedy and was integral in positioning the organization for the rise of OTT advertising, which led to the creation of an OTT inventory plan that worked to fuel many of the growth strategies of the company’s largest clients.“David is well known for being a go-to industry expert here at Digital Remedy. His knowledge of industry changes alongside his ability to anticipate and adjust strategy with or before those shifts is rivaled by few,” said Mike Seiman, CEO of Digital Remedy. “He’s an incredibly valuable asset to both our internal team and our clients. Aside from being the most proficient buyer and optimizer we have on staff, he’s a crucial part of maintaining some of our largest relationships and our corporate strategy.”Marketing Technology News: Biscuitville Chooses SiteZeus to Help fuel their Location GrowthZapletal’s appointment reinforces the prioritization of top-down and bottom-up expertise at Digital Remedy alongside their commitment to customer-centric leadership. Zapletal has created a team of experts around him that have learned from his experience, allowing him to push into this Chief Innovation & Media Officer role.Marketing Technology News: Adoption of SymphonyRM’s AI-Powered “Next Best Actions” Soars as Company Doubles Revenue and Client Base and Raises $10 Million in Series A Financing David ZapletalDigital RemedyEVPMarketing TechnologyNewsOTT Advertising Previous ArticleRelationship-Building App ZooWho by Sean Bair to Launch This SummerNext ArticlePeach Raises the Stakes in the Americas With A+V Investment Digital Remedy Names David Zapletal Chief Innovation & Media Officer MTS Staff WriterMay 21, 2019, 6:32 pmMay 21, 2019 last_img read more

first_imgParks Associates: Potential Broadband Cord-Cutters Watch More Than Six Hours of Mobile Video per Week PRNewswireJuly 1, 2019, 8:58 pmJuly 1, 2019 5GAT&TBrett SappingtonMarketing Technology Newsmobile videoNewsParks Associates Previous Article3 Reasons Your Programmatic Team Is Losing You MoneyNext ArticleYappa Selected by Google for New Business Scale Sales Program Parks Associates: Average Total Weekly Video Consumption on Mobile Phones by Likelihood of Broadband Cord Cutting “Roughly 10% of broadband subscribers are likely broadband cord-cutters, with half of them highly likely to make the change in the next 12 months,” said Brett Sappington, Senior Research Director and Principal Analyst, Parks Associates. “Many are satisfied with their current provider overall, but these subscribers are aware of the other options available to them and could become actual cord-cutters if their current service does not continually meet their needs.”Marketing Technology News: Constant Contact Unveils New WooCommerce and Shopify Offerings at 2019 Internet Retailer ConferenceThe research notes that two-thirds of broadband households currently subscribe to a cable internet service, three in ten subscribe to DSL or fiber optic, and one-third use mobile data services. Verizon, AT&T, and Frontier are the largest providers of DSL and fiber-based fixed-line services.“Potential broadband cord-cutters rely on their mobile devices for entertainment,” Sappington said. “They are significantly more likely to watch live video content via mobile, including live TV broadcasts and livestreaming, averaging an hour more per week each compared to average broadband households. As 5G mobile and 10G fixed broadband services start to deploy, the substantial performance improvements will be attractive to this segment of subscribers, which will drive many providers to match these offerings in order to achieve parity in competition and messaging.”Examining Broadband Cord Cutters addresses the intent among existing broadband subscribers to disconnect their fixed broadband service and go with alternatives instead. It also identifies characteristics of potential broadband cord-cutters and examines their adoption and use of data-intensive entertainment services.Marketing Technology News: Broadvoice Welcomes Kim McLachlan as Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing Research examines use of data-intensive entertainment services among potential broadband cord cuttersNew research from Parks Associates shows US broadband households highly likely to cut the cord in the next 12 months watch more than six hours of video content on their mobile phone a week, compared to 2.5 hours among all US broadband households. Examining Broadband Cord Cutters notes that fixed broadband providers that do not offer mobile services are particularly susceptible to cord-cutting among their current subscribers. These market trends drove US cable operators Comcast and Charter to introduce mobile services as a way to extend their service-based product portfolios.Marketing Technology News: CoSchedule Launches Marketing Suite to Transform the Way Marketers Worklast_img read more

first_img Things Only Adults Notice in ‘ThunderCats’ Astronomers have been pondering the nature of our first interstellar visitor ever since its discovery. ‘Oumuamua is bizarre — not only is it from beyond the stars, but it’s also long and cigar-shaped. That led some to wonder if it wasn’t really an alien spacecraft, but past studies of ‘Oumuamua have suggested that it’s just a space rock. Now, a comprehensive analysis from scientists at the University of Maryland and other institutions has ruined our fun once and for all. ‘Oumuamua isn’t an alien spaceship. While there have no doubt been alien objects in our solar system before, ‘Oumuamua was the first one we ever spotted. Astronomers at the Pan-STARRS observatory identified ‘Oumuamua in October 2017, but it was already on its way out of the solar system at that point. Its incredible speed and orbital eccentricity meant it could not have come from inside the solar system, but it was moving too fast for anything to catch up and take a closer look. It didn’t take long after the discovery for people to start half-jokingly wondering if ‘Oumuamua was an alien ship. Even if we ignore that, it took scientists a few tries to properly identify the object. The initial assumption was that ‘Oumuamua had to be a comet because comets would be easier to eject from the edges of a solar system. However, scientists couldn’t see a cometary tail (or coma) on ‘Oumuamua. After labeling it an asteroid, further analysis of its trajectory found evidence of slight out-gassing. Astronomers finally decided ‘Oumuamua was likely a very old comet. ‘Oumuamua’s path through the solar system in 2017.So, why is it definitely not an alien spaceship with a fuel leak or something? The team behind the new study included experts from a variety of fields to create a “big-picture summary” of ‘Oumuamua. They began with its origins, showing that there are several possible mechanisms by which an object like ‘Oumuamua could end up in interstellar space. Its behavior in our solar system, while strange, is also explainable with natural origins. In fact, its path around the sun matches a prediction published by one of the study authors six months before ‘Oumuamua’s discovery. ‘Oumuamua is strange, but the study concludes there’s nothing unexplainable going on here. Jumping to the conclusion that it’s an alien spacecraft is fun, but the evidence does not support that. Astronomers hope to get a look at more alien visitors in the future. Upcoming instruments like the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST) will make it easier to spot small objects passing through the solar system. If we can find a few dozen alien space rocks, we might find that ‘Oumuamua is very typical of visitors from beyond the stars.Now read:Our First Interstellar Visitor May Have a Violent PastAstronomers Find Alien Asteroid Orbiting ‘the Wrong Way’ Near JupiterJapanese Probe Drops Off Robots on Asteroid’s Surface 25 Comments Tagged In sciencespaceastronomyasteroidsalienscometsOumuamua Post a Comment 25 Comments ‘GTA’ Myths That Turned Out to be True We Finally Understand Why ‘Criminal Minds’ Got Canceled The Most Inappropriate Comic Book Characters Ever You Might Also LikePowered By ZergNet By Ryan Whitwam on July 2, 2019 at 1:01 pm Willow Smith’s Transformation is Turning Heads Scientists: Sorry, ‘Oumuamua Still Isn’t an Alien Spaceship The Real Reason the ‘Blade’ Reboot Is Happening Why Oliver Won’t Be Miserable In ‘Arrow’ Season 8 Facebook Twitter Linkedin Pinterest Google Plus Reddit Hacker News Flipboard Email Copy 0shares This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Terms of use. Maisie Williams’ Transformation is Turning Headslast_img read more

first_img AICloud Innovation ZoneEDC CLAIREInformaticaMarketing TechnologyMaster Data ManagementNews Previous ArticleStrategic IC to Showcase New Buyer Intent Data Service for Account-Based Marketing at SaaStr Europa 2019Next ArticleFinding the Whale and Other Ways Big Brands Can Learn from Start-Ups BP, Amgen, T. Rowe Price, Nissan, and Avis Budget Group Take Top Honors for 2019 Innovation Awards; GigaSpaces Wins the Top Spot in the First-Ever AI and Cloud Innovation Zone, While Capgemini Scoops Prize for the First Enterprise Data Catalog CLAIRE HackathonInformatica, the enterprise cloud data management leader, celebrated the industry’s top innovators last week at Informatica World 2019. Winners of the 2019 Informatica Innovation Awards, the first ever AI and Cloud Innovation Zone, and the first EDC CLAIRE Hackathon, were announced on mainstage and celebrated throughout the four-day event, where the world’s leading data luminaries shared market trends, best practices and solutions for the most complex data challenges enterprises face today.The award winners demonstrated intelligent disruption through the transformative use of data and their innovations showcased the robust impact of AI-powered data management across the enterprise.2019 Innovation Award Winners and HonoreesThe Innovation Awards celebrate organizations that have exemplified the transformative use of data for intelligent digital disruption.The 2019 winners and honorees are unleashing the power of data to achieve exceptional results across four key journeys representing the award categories: 360 Engagement, Cloud/Hybrid, Data Governance and Privacy, and Next-generation Analytics. Informatica chose the winners based on their vision, creativity and leadership, and how they are driving their data-driven digital transformation with the support of Informatica solutions. The nominations were judged on multiple criteria, including transformational impact, creativity and innovation, leverage and scope, complexity, and environmental or social impact.Marketing Technology News: Medallia Becomes Premier-Level Partner in Adobe Exchange Partner ProgramThe 2019 Innovation Awards winners are:BP – Intelligent Disruptor of the Year AwardAmgen, supported by Cognizant – Intelligent Disruptor: 360 EngagementT. Rowe Price – Intelligent Disruptor: Cloud/HybridNissan  – Intelligent Disruptor: Data Governance and PrivacyAvis Budget Group – Intelligent Disruptor: Next-generation AnalyticsIn addition, Informatica recognized these organizations as honorees:State of Maryland – 360 EngagementAllianz (Benelux) , supported by Deloitte– 360 EngagementSanofi – Cloud/HybridDeloitte – Cloud/HybridMerck – Data Governance and PrivacyNew York Life – Data Governance and PrivacyAIA Singapore – Data Governance and PrivacyLincoln Financial Group, supported by Deloitte – Next-generation AnalyticsAXA XL – Next-generation AnalyticsMarketing Technology News: How to Solve Latin America’s E-Commerce Problem2019 AI and Cloud Innovation Zone at Informatica World 2019Informatica World 2019 marked the inaugural year for the AI and Cloud Innovation Zone, a featured area within the show’s Solutions Expo, that highlighted cutting edge technology, featuring AI-driven data management that leverages Informatica solutions. The 2,600 attendees explored all the technology on display firsthand, and voted in real-time, via the Informatica World 2019 app, for their favorite innovation.GigaSpaces took home the top award as they received the most votes out of twelve participating companies, with their cutting edge, disruptive solution, a digital integration hub using next-generation big data architecture allowing ingestion of any data type, combined with metadata management, and powered by the GigaSpaces platform for real-time analytics and speed.2019 Informatica EDC Claire HackathonPrior to the start of Informatica World 2019, global systems integrators (GSIs) had the opportunity to develop new and compelling solutions that tackled real-world enterprise data management needs in the Informatica CLAIRE Hackathon. Seven GSIs used Informatica Enterprise Data Catalog (EDC) 10.2.x, powered by the metadata-driven intelligence of Informatica CLAIRE engine, to create a next-generation solution that fuels data-driven digital transformation.Capgemini’s Smart Data Onboarding – a recommender system which identifies data for on-boarding new sources into Master Data Management (MDM) models using Informatica EDC’s rich metadata context and relationships, took home the top prize and their big win was revealed on mainstage. Their solution accelerates the design and implementation of MDM projects.Marketing Technology News: Nielsen Launches Global Measurement For YouTube Mobile App Informatica Honors Industry Innovators at Informatica World 2019 PRNewswireJune 4, 2019, 10:55 pmJune 4, 2019 last_img read more

first_imgNew Delhi: When you are sick, you need ‘khichdi’, says senior Congress leader Shashi Tharoor in response to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other BJP leaders repeated ‘khichdi government’ barb at the opposition.The country will “resoundingly cure” the nation’s “political sickness” by showing the door to the BJP, the author-politician said, referencing the ‘khichdi’, a dal-rice-vegetable mix viewed as a recipe to counter all kinds of ailments that has become an oft-used metaphor in political discourse. In an interview to PTI, he said there will be a new coalition government at the Centre with the Congress as its fulcrum come May 23 when the Lok Sabha poll results will be out.On Modi’s ‘mahamilawat’ (adulterated) jibe, Tharoor said the BJP has resorted to similar messaging every time it is pushed to the back foot, whether it is speaking of a “tukde-tukde gang”, labelling people “anti-national” or asking those who don’t agree with their worldview to go to Pakistan.”Narendra Modi and his party are clearly experts in the politics of misrepresentation and peddling a divisive and jingoistic narrative, which is all they have to offer given their disastrous record in office,” the former Union minister said.On the BJP’s nationalism narrative, he alleged that Prime Minister Modi himself has not shied away from politicising the armed forces, or projecting himself as the only capable protector of the country’s national security.He said the BJP is making the “callous assumption” that the Indian voter will forget that the promised “achhe din” never came. “When BJP supporters speak of mahamilawat’ or say another coalition government would be a ‘khichdi’, I respond that when you are sick, you need khichdi!” he said.”I have no doubt that the country will resoundingly cure our nation’s political sickness by showing the door to the BJP by the 23rd of May,” the former Union minister added.Addressing a poll rally in Koderma, Jharkhand, Modi last week said the opposition’s ‘mission mahamilawat’ is keen to form a “khichdi” government at the Centre, the strings of which will remain in the hands of the Congress.Other senior BJP leaders have also warned against a khichdi government’ of opposition parties, asserting the BJP can provide a “mazboot sarkaar (strong government)” as opposed to the opposition’s “majboor sarkaar (helpless government)”.Tharoor, who is seeking a third straight Lok Sabha term from Thiruvanathapuram, that went to polls on April 23, also said the current mood of the nation is overwhelmingly in favour of the Congress and this has been a source of great optimism and infectious energy for the party’s ranks.The voters of the country are simply fed up with the last five years of inept governance, divisive and communal politics and callous policy making that has been the hallmark of the present ruling dispensation and are making their frustration clear while exercising their franchise, he claimed.The Congress’ credible narrative that has been put forward by the party has found widespread acceptance and popular support across the country, Tharoor added.”At an ideological level, our idea of an inclusive India, one where all voices matter equally and are heard is in stark contrast to the idea of India that our present political masters have put forward, one where some voices come first and others are beyond comprehension,” the 63-year-old leader said.Tharoor also said the Congress has spelt out a vision for the country that has been equally well received. The most notable example of this being the minimum income guarantee scheme NYAY’.The scheme’s design, scale and impact is nothing short of revolutionary and there is palpable excitement across the country on the new paradigms of development, social justice and mobility that this will introduce, he said.”There is undeniable fact that several parties that are currently ranged against our candidates are far more likely to support a Congress-led UPA-3 in a post-poll scenario than to go with a BJP-led alternative,” he asserted.In the event of neither party being able to command a majority by itself, the Congress’ chances of forming a broad-based post-poll coalition are much brighter than the BJP’s, Tharoor claimed.Asked whether post-poll alliances could be a tricky proposition for the Congress as SP-BSP could seek a hard bargain, Tharoor said the Congress has an impressive record of being able to stitch post-poll alliances.There is mutual respect between regional players and the Congress, which has always left the door open for an amicable post-poll alliance, he said. “At the same time, with regard to situations we have seen with the SP and the BSP prior to the elections, what needs to be made clear is the distinction between the grounds for a pre-poll alliance and a post-poll alliance,” he said.Asserting the calculations are very different in a post-poll scenario, Tharoor said the question that needs to be answered is fundamentally whether parties that are not regular Congress allies can find enough common ground to form a government.”If the answer is yes, then we will strive towards drawing up a common minimum programme that is acceptable for all partners, as opposed to the broader, more widespread and more enduring agreement that we have with our pre-poll partners,” he said. “We saw a similar situation under UPA 1 and 2 where the Congress fought the elections with a set of pre-poll partners and then formed a government with a larger set of post-poll partners, he said. congressJharkhandLok Sabha elections 2019Narendra Modi First Published: May 5, 2019, 8:39 PM ISTlast_img read more

first_img congressHD Deve GowdaHD KumaraswamyJanata Dal (Secular) First Published: June 21, 2019, 11:42 AM IST New Delhi: In a surprising admission, Janata Dal (Secular) supremo HD Deve Gowda on Friday said that mid-term Assembly poll in the state are imminent as he is uncertain about how long the coalition government would last. “I am not sure how long the coalition government will last. Going by the developments, in the past two months, mid-terms polls seem imminent. People will watch all the developments,” he told reporters in Bengaluru. Gowda also criticised Congress for blaming JD(S) over the dismal performance in the Lok Sabha elections. Hitting out at Siddaramaiah, he claimed that several of the Congress senior leader’s close associates had left him. Congress’s state unit president Dinesh Gundu Rao, however, that there is no question of mid-term polls as the government is stable despite “efforts of BJP”. “I am sure that Deve Gowda will clarify on his part. We have given our unconditional support to JD(S). Our government will complete its term,” he told CNN News18. Following Congress’s response on the issue, Gowda issued a clarification saying that the mid-term election are not in his hands. “As long as Congress will be strong, we will be strong,” he said.Gowda’s statement comes just two days after his son Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy said that he is “in pain” every day but has the responsibility of running the government smoothly. The Congress-JD(S) government in Karnataka has been in deep waters since February as news emerged of the BJP, which holds the highest number of seats in the state Assembly, allegedly indulging in horse-trading. The saffron party received a boost from the Lok Sabha results that were declared on May 23, which saw the BJP make a near clean sweep. Following this, in an attempt to placate disgruntled lawmakers, the Kumaraswamy government decided to expand the cabinet, inducting two independents. The two independent MLAs, R Shankar and H Nagesh, were inducted into the Ministry overlooking the claims of several senior leaders, particularly in the Congress, who are sulking ever since they failed to make it to the ministry earlier.last_img read more

first_imgApple’s next smartwatch is expected to test blood sugar levels, and the prototype has reportedly been strapped to none other than CEO Tim Cook. The next-generation Apple Watch will, if the rumors are to be believed, double-down on its health applications. Likely to be the flagship feature is something that, until now, has only really been offered by medically-licensed devices. Story TimelineThis is without doubt the best Apple Watch accessoryNew Apple Watch bands collection releases additional colors, buckle designApple Watch NikeLab limited edition tones down the colorSome big names quietly called time on their Apple Watch apps That’s non-invasive blood glucose monitoring, probably the most requested feature for those attempting to manage their diabetes. Traditionally, diabetics and anybody else hoping to explore the patterns in their blood sugar levels would either need to take periodic blood samples through the day, or wear a sensor system which involves probes that break through the skin. It’s complex and often painful, but nonetheless essential if glucose spikes or troughs are to be avoided. Now, Apple may have a whole new method which should be far less invasive. Tim Cook has confirmed that he’s been wearing a blood glucose monitor and, CNBC reports, the chief executive was spotted at the Apple campus, with such a device connected to his Apple Watch. It’s unclear at this stage whether the monitor itself is something of Apple’s own creation, or a third-party device that the wearable is integrating with. It’s similarly uncertain whether the hardware would be sufficiently compact to fit inside the body of a future Apple Watch. One possibility is that it would be a separate, but wirelessly connected, accessory, and worn elsewhere on the body.Even if the two items weren’t combined, such a product would be a potential game-changer in wearables. Currently, smartwatches and other wearable devices are often maligned for being non-essential or frivolous. Beyond step tracking, the usefulness of being able to monitor incoming emails and messages, or answer calls from the wrist, has been questioned by many. Apple was, reports ahead of the original Apple Watch’s release suggested, hoping to go much further than that with its first-generation hardware. The company is believed to have been working on true medical-grade services to include in the wearable, including non-invasive blood glucose tracking. However, such technology would have set them on a path to face regulators like the FDA, since the Apple Watch would likely have been classified as a medical device and thus require certification.If the newest reports are true, though, it seems that challenge is no longer one Apple feels it needs to shy away from; indeed, chatter last month suggested it had been going full-steam ahead on the project. One possibility is that, by keeping the blood sugar tracking hardware separate from the new watch itself, the latter could escape any need for regulatory approval. Alternatively, it could save the medical functionality for a specific variant of the new Apple Watch, and continue offering a more affordable version without the advanced healthcare features. Even that could have health monitoring benefits beyond what many wearables can offer. Research published earlier this month discovered that the current Apple Watch already has a 97-percent accuracy rate at identifying abnormal heart rates. last_img read more

first_imgThere are very few things that can be squeezed out of these leaks that we haven’t seen before. The design of the iPhone’s first ever OLED display, including its soon to be notorious notch, is already public knowledge. So is the glassy back, that comes in black or white, and the silver band that comes with the latter.One thing that does make its debut here is a new dynamic wallpaper. Believed to be exclusive to the iPhone X, this new wallpaper features bubbles rising and seemingly moving based on the movement of the iPhone itself. While traditionally seen as a battery waster, the iPhone X’s new OLED screen might have better efficiency in using such dynamic (not live) but dark images.The iPhone X is easily the most anticipated smartphone of the year, or even since 2016, in fact. It’s tenth anniversary smartphone ironically throws out a lot of the things that have been staples of the iPhone line over the years, including its topnotch LCD screens and its Touch ID. Analysts are suggesting that the iPhone X will be late to launch, later than the end of the month schedule. It almost seems to be not the case given that there are now two sightings of the iPhone X in the wild. Well, alleged iPhone X, of course. Given the unknown source of these videos and photos, it could very well be “insider” models as well. Nonetheless, they are already whetting would-be owners’ appetites for the most unique and also most expensive iPhone to date. VIA: Reddit (1), (2)center_img That last bit is perhaps the most contentious aspect of the iPhone X (next to the notch perhaps). Apple is billing its new 3D face authentication as something more convenient and more secure than fingerprints but has yet to be tested en masse. It is also the component, not the OLED screen as earlier speculated, that might be causing the iPhone X’s delay as well.last_img read more

Story TimelineOnePlus 6T renders confirm waterdrop notch, colorsOnePlus 6T official teaser highlights fingerprint on displayOnePlus 6T launch event date set for later this month Compared to other Android customizations made by fellow Chinese OEMs, OnePlus’ OxygenOS is comparatively less modified. It still is, however, and it sounds like the OnePlus team will take it one step further, diverging from stock Android even further to provide what OnePlus is branding as a “Fast, Smooth, and Efficient” experience or FSE.Over at the OnePlus Forums, software expert Szymon K and UX Lead Crayon Hsieh remain coy over the exact changes they will be making. They are, however, teasing some of the gesture navigation improvements in lieu of the now-gone navigation bar.For example, since there’s no Recents button to double tap quickly, the new OxygenOS will let users quickly flick from the bottom to the right of the screen to switch between the two most recent apps. And a half second press of the power button will also launch Google Assistant. Who says you need a separate button for that?The new OxygenOS will be based on Android 9 Pie. That was pretty much confirmed by OnePlus top honcho himself Pete Lau on his Weibo account. What isn’t known yet is whether these changes will make their way to the OnePlus 6 as well, perhaps much later. The OnePlus 6T is coming out this month and it’s going to be quite a divisive one. On the one hand, it will make some rather big changes that won’t make everyone happy. On the other hand, without those changes the OnePlus 6T is not exactly worth the effort compared to the OnePlus 6. In line with that double-edged hardware change, OnePlus is now also teasing some UI changes that will make its OxygenOS Android experience its “most distinct and intuitive” version yet. read more

first_imgThe hood on this set can open to access a spare tire and the vehicle’s fuel tank. In the trunk you’ll find the 4-cylinder air-cooled engine, and once in the doors you’ll find an extremely detailed interior. You can also access the interior via an easily removable roof section.There’s a handlebar for each door on the inside and out. There are fading edges and rounded tire enclosures. There are wing-mounted turn signals. AdChoices广告There are pieces in this set you’ve likely never encountered before – have a peek at those tail lights to see what I mean.You’ll have truly unique pieces like the VW circle brick, and stickers that can be placed on the back window for ultimate surf-ready action. There’s a bit of cloth, as well – that’s a fabric beach towel. This model is over 11-inches high, 10-inches long, and 4-inches wide. It’s made up of 1,167 pieces and is age rated at 16+. You’ll be able to pick this set up for $100 USD from a LEGO store near you – or online at LEGO as well.ABOVE: A real Beetle as shared by LEGO – their inspiration for this newest model. Story TimelineLego unveils detailed Hoth-themed Star Wars setNow there’s a working BB-8 model made of LegoSugru Review for LEGO customizationLEGO ‘Adventure Time’ concept set gets greenlightLEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens gets voice acting, new combat mechanicsThis LEGO Star Destroyer has a full interior, complete with hangar and shipsStar Wars The Force Awakens prequel scenes on the way (via LEGO)LEGO reveals 2′ tall Big Ben Creator set Above you’ll see a set of other Beetles and Beetle-like creations. If you are the owner of one of these models, let us know! ALSO NOTE: This is not the first time LEGO has released a Beetle – but it is by far the best version of the Beetle they’ve ever revealed. One of the previous “official” versions of this classic model include a lot more flat-bricking, well before the modern era of new bricks. There’ve also been plenty of unofficial models shared with the web – but none so fantastic as this new one straight from LEGO.center_img Today the folks at LEGO have revealed their next ultra-detailed vehicle set: the “1960’s Volkswagen Beetle.” That’s complete with a surfer theme and a fabulous azure-blue paint job. Color scheme, that is to say. Please don’t paint your LEGO bricks. This set also has an “authentic” 4-cylinder air-cooled engine and fuel tank and a fully accessible interior with beige seats that tilt forward. Four different license plates, too. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAlast_img read more

first_imgA new video has turned up that alleges to show the 2018 Range Rover giving us our first glimpse at the SUV before it goes official. On the outside, the SUV has much of the same style and design as the previous models offered. What you can see in the video is a new LED headlight system and revised LED daytime running lights. Those headlights are expected to come in a standard full-LED offering up to the adaptive Matrix LED optional units. The grille on the front of the car has a different mesh to it, but those headlights and the grille appear to be the only real changes up front.Range Rover has spent some money on revising the interior of the venerable SUV. Inside the video appears to show a new dual-screen touchscreen setup in the dash, the same seen in the Velar SUV. The old Range Rover had a single screen setup. The main screen in that dual setup handles media and navigation.The second screen is for climate and seat ventilation with rotary controls for backup. Touchscreen only controls are far from ideal inside a car where drivers often adjust things by touch rather than sight. The Range Rover in the video is set up with a pair of seats in the back and looks to be quite the place to relax and work.Speculation is that the Range Rover will get a hybrid version this year. The Range Rover Sport PHEV has been announced recently. That powertrain in the PHV uses a 221kW 2.0L gas engine an electric motor with battery. That gives a total output of 297kW and 640Nm of torque. SOURCE: read more

first_imgThe comment section on YouTube is notorious for its generally low-quality and otherwise awful content. Users get into fights with strangers, the occasional scammer peddles their garbage, desperate creators beg for viewers, and trolls stir up drama with incendiary comments. Many users avoid the comment section altogether and now YouTube is testing a feature that makes avoidance easier. Many users watch YouTube videos on their smartphone, where accessing the comment section is as simple as scrolling far enough down the app. Users can hide the comment section by tapping on it, but by that point they’ll probably have already read a comment or two. Depending on the content, this could put a serious damper on one’s mood.As recently spotted by XDA, YouTube is testing a feature on Android that hides the comment section by default. Rather than having comments readily available by scrolling down, they’re now hidden behind a new ‘Comments’ section in the menu directly beneath the video that is currently playing.A prompt in the app warns users that ‘comments have been moved,’ advising them to tap on the new menu section to open the comments. Scrolling down only reveals additional recommended videos; tapping ‘Comments’ pulls up the expected comment section.Users can easily refresh the comment section by dragging down on the display, according to the report. A separate button enables users to close the comments panel, all of it laid out in a way that’s readily accessible for users wielding a single thumb. It’s unclear why YouTube has decided to test this new design, which appeared for users in India. As with any test, it’s possible the new design may be scrapped in favor of something different or keeping the original layout. Story TimelineYouTube claims to ‘tackle hate’ while LGBTQ harassment continues unabatedTesla cars are getting “Fallout Shelter”, Netflix and YouTubeYouTube considers plan to scrub children’s content from main applast_img read more

first_imgIt may be technically safe, but Intel still includes warnings for would-be overclockers. They suggest (in fine print) that even with the Intel Performance Maximizer, “Altering clock frequency or voltage may damage or reduce the useful life of the processor and other system components, and may reduce system stability and performance. Product warranties may not apply if the processor is operated beyond its specifications. ”AdChoices广告The first round of 9th gen Intel Core processors that’ll work with the IPM are as follows: i9-9900K, i9-9900KF, i7-9700K, i7-9700KF, i5-9600K, i5-9600KF. This system can be downloaded via the Intel Performance Maximizer site s of this morning. Let us know how it goes! UPDATE: You’ll also need Windows® 10, 64-bit RS5 (Version 1809) or newer!UPDATE 2: Full minimum requirements include 8GB RAM and 16GB free space on a non-removable GPT drive. Once you’re in, you’ll need to update some BIOS. You’ll need to have all processor cores enabled, and Processor Core Overclocking will need to be enabled. Intel Turbo Boost Technology 2.0 mode must be enabled along with Intel Hyper-Threading Technology (if supported on the processor). Users will need to make sure boot mode is set to UEFI, and that a couple other features are enabled: Intel Watchdog Timer Driver (WDT) as well as Enhanced Intel SpeedStep Technology. These are largely default settings – Intel recommends in IPM 1.0.1 release notes that users reset BIOS to default values or update BIOS to the latest version available before running Intel Performance Maximizer tests. Story TimelineIntel new Core i9 gaming CPU, 10nm processors teased ahead of ComputexIntel 10th Gen “Ice Lake” CPUs official: Project Athena sets PC blueprintIntel Core i9-9900KS promises eight 5GHz cores, all the time I jest – but traditional “overclocking” has been known to be a risk-taker’s game. Gamers and those that like to push their computers to the limits just for the thrill have been overlocking their machines past recommended speeds for decades. Now Intel’s basically said, hey, let’s allow everyone to get in on the fun, in a safe, friendly way.The Intel Performance Maximizer was first shown onstage at Computex 2019 with a very basic example. They showed that a default i7-9700K All Core Turbo Frequency at 4.6HGz will potentially jump to 5.2GHz with the new IPM, after testing. If you’ve never overclocked your PC’s main processor before, your brain is about to melt – with performance!center_img Users of the latest round of Intel processors will be able to make use of the Intel Performance Maximizer (IPM) as of this afternoon. Today the download for this system was released by Intel as promised earlier this year at Computex 2019. Users will be able to safely and reliably overlock their 9th-gen Intel Core desktop processors at will – but if it’s safe, is it really overclocking?last_img read more

first_imgThe relatively limited action Motorola’s seen in the year 2019 could be saved by a leaked device by the name of Motorola One Pro. This device was leaked (again) today in a set of case images, the likes of which seem quite a bit more fully realized than the average “make an iPhone case 5 seconds after it leaks” sort of business. The Motorola One Pro was previously leaked with the same curved-corner rectangle on its back with four big-lens cameras on its back (and another one up front). This device will almost certainly run Android One, a software that essentially delivers the most basic, swift, and Google-run of Android experiences. Based on the experience I’ve personally had with Android One devices, I’d say Motorola making another Android One phone is the RIGHT decision. They run smooth and they run quick.The Motorola One Pro’s leak looks sort of similar to that of the Mate 30 Pro (and possibly Mate 30 Lite), a Huawei smartphone with four cameras, an LED flash to the right instead of the left, and a fingerprint scanner immediately below the camera array. The big difference (in industrial design) is Motorola’s choice to include the fingerprint scanner in the same island rise as the cameras aplenty.If the images here are correct, the previously leaked imagery of the Motorola One Pro show a lovely vision of the near-future release. Previous leaks suggest that the fingerprint scanner on the back could be under glass, flat alongside the nearby camera lenses, all covered by a single pane of reinforced glass.This smartphone has a power button at its side just below a volume rocker, and at least one significant mic hole (on the back bottom side, as evidenced by the leaked cases shown this afternoon. This device works with USB-C and has a headphone jack too – never give up, Motorola, not on that jack!This device has a teardrop notch up front to house its single forward-facing camera in a 6.2-inch display. This device’s release date is yet unknown. The same goes for the reveal date and any sort of pricing – we’ll let you know when we know what we know! Story TimelineMotorola One Vision leak leaves nothing to the imaginationMotorola One Vision release confirms Android RMotorola One Action looks more premium than company’s flagshiplast_img read more

first_imgAMA Criticizes Proposed 2014 Medicare Fee Schedule Modern Healthcare: Reform Update: AMA Blasts New Medicare Physician Fee Schedule, Defends RUCThe American Medical Association has issued a strong criticism of the proposed 2014 Medicare physician-fee schedule, and also fired back against attacks on its widely criticized Medicare physician payment advisory panel. In its summary of the proposed fee schedule, the AMA accused the CMS of proposing “an arbitrary new policy” that would lower payment for more than 200 services that Medicare pays more for when the service is provided in a doctor’s office and less when it’s performed in a hospital outpatient department or ambulatory surgery center (Robeznieks, 8/12). This is part of the KHN Morning Briefing, a summary of health policy coverage from major news organizations. Sign up for an email subscription.last_img read more

first_img This is part of the KHN Morning Briefing, a summary of health policy coverage from major news organizations. Sign up for an email subscription. Senate Backs Bipartisan Bill To Overhaul Vets’ Health Care System The Senate measure, which was approved Wednesday by a 93-3 vote and has gained the White House’s nod, has elements in common with a version unanimously approved Tuesday by the House of Representatives.   The Wall Street Journal: Senate Approves Bipartisan VA Overhaul LegislationA Senate bill passed on Wednesday opens the door to widespread changes in the Department of Veterans Affairs health care system, including allowing more veterans to seek care from providers outside the VA and letting the department’s secretary fire senior executives more easily. The bill—a bipartisan compromise struck by Sens. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) and John McCain (R., Ariz.)—was unveiled last week and in some respects resembles legislation passed Tuesday by the House (Kesling, 6/11).The Associated Press: Senate Backs Bill To Improve Health Care For VetsThe Senate bill, approved 93-3, makes it easier for veterans who have encountered delays getting initial visits to receive VA-paid treatment from local doctors instead. The measure closely resembles a bill approved unanimously Tuesday in the House, prompting optimism among lawmakers from both parties that a compromise version could be on its way soon to President Barack Obama for his signature. The White House said Wednesday that Obama supports the Senate bill (Daly, 6/11).Los Angeles Times: Senate OKs VA Reform Bill As FBI Launches Criminal InvestigationThe Senate on Wednesday broke through the usual partisan gridlock to swiftly approve legislation aimed at reducing veterans’ long waits for healthcare, as the FBI announced that it has launched a criminal probe in the Department of Veterans Affairs scandal. The bill would allow veterans facing long waits at VA facilities to seek care from private doctors, expand the VA secretary’s authority to fire staff for poor performance, authorize the department to lease 26 new health facilities in 17 states, including California, and Puerto Rico. It also would provide $500 million for expedited hiring of new VA doctors and nurses (Simon, 6/11).Politico: Senate Passes VA Reform Bill But if the Senate’s bill eventually comes law, there could be a large tab for Washington. The Congressional Budget Office estimated on Wednesday afternoon that increased veterans health-care access could cost the federal government an additional $50 billion a year (Everett, 6/11).The Hill: Senate Passes Overhaul Of VA In 93-3 Vote Lawmakers voted 93-3 in favor of a nearly $2 billion bill from Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and John McCain (R-Ariz.) that gives the VA secretary new authority to fire senior executives and provides veterans greater options for seeking medical care (Matishak and Cox, 6/11). Reuters:  Senate Passes Bill Aimed At Fixing Veteran Health Care Delays Among differences between the House and Senate versions are that the House proposes a top-to-bottom review of all aspects of VA’s health care system, while the Senate calls for a review of appointment scheduling practices and systems. The Senate version offers protections for VA employees not in the House bill (Lawder and Dunham, 6/11). In related news – Des Moines Register:  Docs Willing To Work At VA Should Be Eligible For Loan-Repayment, Iowa Democrat Says Doctors and nurses who are willing to work at VA hospitals and clinics should be eligible for a national loan-repayment program, Rep. Bruce Braley says. The Iowa Democrat has introduced a bill that would open up the National Health Service Corps to doctors, nurses and other health-providers who go to work for the Department of Veterans Affairs or state veterans’ homes. The program now provides scholarships or college-loan repayments to health-care providers who agree to work in “underserved areas,” which are mainly in rural America (Leys, 6/11).last_img read more

first_img This is part of the KHN Morning Briefing, a summary of health policy coverage from major news organizations. Sign up for an email subscription. Obama Vows Better Health Care, Other Initiatives, For Vets, Military Addressing the American Legion’s national convention, the president announced steps to expand access to mental health care and an initiative to lower home loan costs for military families. He also promised a new “culture of accountability’ at the Department of Veterans Affairs.The New York Times: Obama Tells Veterans He Will Fix Health System, As New Report Lists LapsesPresident Obama on Tuesday promised several thousand military veterans that he would fulfill his “sacred trust” to those returning from America’s wars by overhauling a dysfunctional health care system, even as a new report documented “unacceptable and troubling lapses” in medical treatment (Baker and Philipps, 8/26).Los Angeles Times: Obama Tells American Legion He’s Working To Regain Veterans’ TrustThe list included seemingly straightforward changes, such as making it easier for veterans to earn commercial driver’s licenses, and new funding for complex research. The Pentagon and the National Institutes of Health have launched a study on early detection of suicide risk, post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain disorder, while the VA will invest $34.4 million in a national clinical trial on suicide prevention involving 1,800 veterans at 29 hospitals, the White House said (Hennessey, 8/26).The Washington Post: Obama Pledges Better Mental Health Services, Other Initiatives For Military, VetsHeralding a new “culture of accountability” at the Department of Veterans Affairs, President Obama Tuesday announced a number of executive actions to help active-duty military members, their families and veterans, ranging from strengthening access to mental health care to making it easier for troops to reduce mortgage payments. Speaking at the American Legion’s annual convention in the wake of a scandal involving falsified records and long wait times at VA facilities, Obama reaffirmed his support for America’s veterans and said his administration will do all it can to ensure current and former members of the military receive the full benefits they deserve (Zezima, 8/26).Reuters: Obama Tells Veterans Better Mental Health Care On The WayPresident Barack Obama sought to make amends with veterans on Tuesday, announcing steps to expand their access to mental health care and an initiative with financial companies to lower home loan costs for military families. The president was embarrassed earlier this year when it was revealed that the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) had been covering up lengthy delays in providing health care to former military personnel (8/26).The Associated Press: Obama Defends Handling Of Veterans Affairs IssuesHis standing with veterans damaged by scandal, President Barack Obama on Tuesday defended his administration’s response to Veterans Affairs lapses that delayed health care for thousands of former service members, but conceded more needed to be done to regain their trust. His appearance also had deep political overtones in a state where the Democratic senator, Kay Hagan, is facing a difficult re-election and has sought to distance herself from Obama’s policies, declaring as recently as Friday that his administration had not “done enough to earn the lasting trust of our veterans” (8/26).last_img read more

first_img In one study of consumers in New York City and Newark, New Jersey, researchers found that consumers at fast-food chains underestimated the number of calories in the meal they purchased by about 200 calories. Only 15 percent of people surveyed stated an estimate within 100 calories of the content of their meal. Notably, however, people who do pay attention to calories tend to buy fewer of them. (Emily Oster, 12/2) The Atlantic: The Clothes Make The Doctor The Atlantic: Why Is The Abortion Rate Falling? The way the pharmaceutical industry developed, priced, and sold Sovaldi is an instructive study in how the American healthcare system allows drugs to become expensive — an incredible, unprecedented, and $1,000-per-pill type of expensive that the country has never seen before. The story of Sovaldi shows the American health care system is incapable of fighting back against these prices. The people who buy drugs — mostly private health plans and public insurance programs — are too fragmented to demand lower prices. (Sarah Kliff, 12/2) FiveThirtyEight: Calorie Counts On Menus Won’t Change What Americans Eat If the precise number of abortions is uncertain, the trend is not. The incidence of abortion in the United States sharply rose in the 1970s and 1980s, reached a peak in 1990, and has tumbled by nearly half over the past two decades. … Abortion rates are declining because more and more of these unintended pregnancies are being carried to term. Again, some conjecture that women are deciding to carry their unintended pregnancies because they are denied access to abortion. There isn’t much evidence for this proposition either. While access to abortion has been curtailed by conservative state legislatures since the 2010 election, most of the decline in abortion incidence occurred much earlier. (David Frum, 12/1) Longer Looks: A Doctor’s Attire; Calorie Counts; What’s Prompting The Falling Abortion Rate? Each week, KHN’s Shefali Luthra finds interesting reads from around the Web.center_img In 2006, Paradise Valley Hospital, just 13 miles from Mexico and a world away from the luxury condos, convention hotels and craft beer bars that dot nearby downtown San Diego, faced imminent closure. The money-losing safety net hospital needed a $61 million renovation to make it earthquake-compliant. Owner Adventist Health searched desperately for a financial savior. Only two came forward: a locally organized Paradise Preservation Group, which government officials doubted could finance the deal; and Prime Healthcare Services, a small, relatively new for-profit hospital chain owned by Dr. Prem Reddy, which offered to buy the hospital for $30 million and finance the upgrades. (Kutscher, 11/29) Vox: This Drug Costs $84,000 A few years ago, I was looking for a new primary-care doctor. I was hoping for someone who was kind, smart, and caring, someone who’d listen with full attention. I didn’t care what the doctor looked like—or so I thought, until a woman clicked into the room in stilettos and a tailored expensive-looking suit. This wasn’t a case of a low-cut blouse or a thigh-revealing skirt. And yet I felt put off. I felt like a slob. … In medical school, students learn to note a patient’s appearance and clothing (words like “disheveled” or “well-groomed” seem to pop up a lot in the medical record). They’re taught to interpret the patient’s gestures and eye contact, or lack of it, and to think about their own body language. And yet, somehow, the topic of doctors’ own clothing rarely comes up, save for the most flagrant lapses (plunging necklines, jeans, T-shirts) or the simple and vague admonition to appear “professional.” (Anna Reisman, 12/1) Modern Healthcare: The Man Behind The Nation’s Fastest Growing Hospital Chain This is part of the KHN Morning Briefing, a summary of health policy coverage from major news organizations. Sign up for an email subscription.last_img read more